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7th Apr 2002, 01:41
According to the article, the US had a strong air marshal program which was a victim of its own success and died the usual slow death by budget cuts. Bin Liner's gonna have to lay low a few years.

here (http://www.airandspacemagazine.com/ASM/Mag/latest.html)

Armed and Anonymous by D.C. Agle
Photographs by Eric Long

What single characteristic distinguishes the new air marshals from paying passengers? Good with a gun.

For Michael Mooney, the trip was a troublesome one. It had also been difficult on the other occasions he had traveled here. But here he was again, on an overcast November evening, having brought a small group of firefighter recruits from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to see for themselves what had occurred at this spot some two months ago. Mooney said he brought them here to contemplate what it meant to be a professional and do one's duty.