View Full Version : BMI A330 in Fight with KLM F100

6th Apr 2002, 22:36
It appears that a KLM F100 has rather unfortunately attempted to remove the winglet from the dormant BMI A330 at Manchester. Some nasty marks on the winglet but difficult to tell what damage to the KLM stab. Anyone know anything about the incident?

Hugh Jorgen
7th Apr 2002, 17:25
Not much, but condolences to the poor sod who hit it - fear not my friend, there for the grace of God go we all. I am sure your conscience will be your greatest critic. I hope your company does not make it worse. In the big scheme of things - thats why we pay insurance.

8th Apr 2002, 09:15
I believe this is the same F100 which they evacuated the other day.
Perhaps The Times will be running a story soon on "The jinxed Fokker" :D :p :cool: :D


We try to aim accurately; it keeps the cleaners happy.

8th Apr 2002, 09:39
There was a KLM fokker parked on the cargo ramp opposite the red and black sheds on one of the '60' stands, I believe, possibly the 'smokin' one of last week.. if its the BMI A330 I'm thinking of (ie. the one they placed in storage at MAN) it was parked right down at the far end of T2- Was it the one in Star Alliance colours (GWWBD)? Just to speculate for a minute, I presume the KLMuk was being towed back to T1 following repair work when it hit it? I can't see that they would taxi the aircraft under power back to T1, and there is no reason I can think of for another KLMuk Fokker to go anywhere near there..... Just guessing though :) I really have no idea

PS. Wigglet, having read that marvellous piece of journalism last week on G-MONX, nothing would surprise me anymore :D

Electric Sky
8th Apr 2002, 20:55
bmi A330 was G-WWBD that was parked up. The KLM UK F100 was G-UKFI (not sure if that is the one in the news last week??) and it was taxiing under its own power prior to a ferry flight when it's tailplane struck the winglet of the A330 which now requires a replacement from Airbus. Not sure of the status of the F100.

ES ;)