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6th Oct 2001, 20:42
The web site is down boys.

35 redundancies does anyone knwo whats going on and anyone actually heard anything from management ????

Seems like a lot of rumours someone out there must know whats going to happen :-

1. routwise
2, with new embraers ordered
3 staffing etc

Be nice to hear something cos the BAAA have come up with didly squat

7th Oct 2001, 00:24
EICAS - I believe that of the 5 that were due from Jan - Apr, the last 4 have been postponed. However, do you think that bmi's latest decision to operate out of both NI airports could affect this postponement? and resurrect a little recruitment amongst those who have had job offers recently withdrawn. Could we end up with Regional at BHD and Mainline at BFS?

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7th Oct 2001, 18:02

You mention deposed bmi pilots getting preference to bmir, how does their scope clause affect that. Surely if they stand by their principles they wouldn't be seen dead in the front seat of an aircraft that is made by Embraer. Their scope clause, that was negotiate by their Agent(BALPA) bans any bmi pilot from flying such acft. Will this be renegotiated and if so between who, will bmir pilots get an input into it?

7th Oct 2001, 18:50
Just a couple of thoughts:

i. I think you'll find (although, I admit, I'm not certain) that the AFS uses terms like "best endeavours" and similar; ie if a push really comes to a shove, nothing in it could be considered remotely binding, legally speaking.

ii. I've just had my November roster (A320/321) which shows a week of multiple-sector LBA-LHR days......isn't this a Fokker route..................?


You haven't seen me, right?

7th Oct 2001, 19:11
Now you are getting personal EICAS V18.5. For the rest of you I have not heard any of the ex Debonair guys or gals Blaming bmi Regional for the downfall of Debonair, in fact without the Company the 146 crews would not have there current jobs. So I am not sure where that one came from. From my own perspective irrespective of Fleet we should all be together through tough times and bad. I do not think mud slinging is good for anything especialy at times like this. EICAS PLEASE PLEASE keep things on a level keel.

7th Oct 2001, 21:35
After mentioning the '146, where does that fit in with all the changes??
What was its future pre sept' 11 ?? :confused:

682ft AMSL
7th Oct 2001, 23:03
Fokker: LBA-LHR is currently a 737 operation, with the odd F100 making an appearance on weekends. Before Sept 11th, it was widely believed that an A320 was to become LBA based from 28/10 to serve the route. Were all waiting for news as to what may happen now.

8th Oct 2001, 20:04
Hi folks,

Just heard that the 'big meeting' is due to happen on Wednesday (Crew Council Vs The Rest!) and that an announcement regarding our futures will be made on Friday.

Best of luck to you all, regardless of which bit of Midland you work in!

Could be worse, at least I didn't buy my house last week...

8th Oct 2001, 20:48
Interesting to see that LHR DUB from November onwards goes to nine daily services, 8x321, and a new F100 operation mid afternoon.

From January onwards a number of 321's get replaced by 733 and 734's, but frequencies stay at 9 per day.

However LHR BFS is not yet on sale, and additional DUB will probably be chopped back alongside a MAD BCN and MME rotation to reach the desired four rotations per day, except if BD are going to babysit some slots for the Star Alliance.

9th Oct 2001, 16:43

A new website is being setup as we speak, by the two gurus of the previous site. A note will be going round shortly with the web address and joining details.

The reason for the lack of info is that, contrary to EICAS's postings, no FIRM decisions have been made.

Fly Airways
9th Oct 2001, 20:10
I hope there are no further cuts on the LHR-MME service. There was an A321 doing to route this morning - hopefully a good sign.

10th Oct 2001, 00:57

"no FIRM decsions have been made"

We don't want to hear about the decisions once they've been made! We want the same prior notice and consultation as that given to bmi pilots. While BALPA have been consulted from the first reports of redundancies. The Baaa! boys are bleating in the dark waiting for ABZ to be told.

The latest info i've heard is that next years Embraer orders have been cancelled and that displaced bmi pilots will be offered positions on the bmir fleet on bmi pay and conditions.

Good news guys - only 18 days to the October payrise!?!

10th Oct 2001, 02:31
Not one word from our Management team, I can’t say that I am surprised but I am very disappointed.
Even more disappointing is the lack of information from our so called crew council. Come on guys you are supposed to be looking after our interests. I know you do this on a volunteer basis but you have chosen to do this job so please get your act together.
I suspect that whoever is trying to gag EICAS is a crew council member, don’t stop him…what do you expect but rumours if you don’t tell us facts.

This is what I think will happen:

1. All pilots will agree to accept no payrise this October
2. All management will lead by example and accept a 5% pay reduction
3. All management will return their Company cars
4. The planned move to new offices in Aberdeen will not happen in favour of a move to Donnington Hall
5. Future Embraer deliveries will be cancelled
6. Training slots will be cut back
7. No more Saab pilots will be transferred onto the Embraer, they will be seconded to other operators but be paid as if they were on jet salaries

All rumours you understand because no one will tell us any facts!

10th Oct 2001, 11:47
John Moore, Principal Negotiator at BALPA has written to all members in bmir to inform them of the latest...

BALPA met Austin Reid and others at a meeting on the 3/10. Thats when the 600 job losses were announced. The 600 was to include "approximately 35 bmir pilot jobs" (NB not pilots flying bmir routes, wet leased or otherwise!)

The letter says "that the bmir crew council is to be consulted on (1) the reasons for these potential job losses and (2) the measures bmir is proposing to take to avoid/reduce the number/mitigate the consequences of any forthcoming job losses."

...."Although the Association is not formally recognised by bmi regional, BALPA will be able to assist members on an individual basis by ensuring that your contractual rights are protected and that any redundancies are carried out as fairly as possible."

If we need to rely on BALPA to let us know what are own crew council is doing, we may as well let them do a professional job of the negotiating too. At a time like this we can't make-do and excuse the BAAA as a couple of well-intentioned volunteers.

EICAS, your point about early command, fleet jobs. The last guy yes, but his sidekick? The jury is out-lets wait and see.

10th Oct 2001, 12:03
Is it clear yet which are the eight aircraft to go, as announced by BD?

10th Oct 2001, 12:30

You 'seem' to know more than most, I'll leave the spread of dis-information to you.

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10th Oct 2001, 13:16
There is an initial meeting today between the Crew Council and management. No decisions will be made at this meeting, it is the start of a consoltation period. The Crew Council has been pushing management for a memo to be issued since last week. The Crew Council have been unable to put out any memo as yet due to a lack of official information from Regional. BALPA were able to put a letter out based on the information recieved from Austin Reid last Tuesday between mainline management and the union reps. I agree that we are not well informed at the moment, but it is not through a lack of trying and should change after today hopefully. Please give the crew council a chance they are doing there best in difficult circumstances. For all those in BALPA you can obviously go to them as an individual for help. If things do not go well during the consoltation period then I am sure that the Crew Council will use all means available to ensure we are all fairly treated. EICAS V18.5 thank you.

10th Oct 2001, 14:21
All the pilots want is information, if the council have any info please let us know what you know. No secrets please.

10th Oct 2001, 15:28
To the BMIR Crew Council

(As clearly this is how we are meant to communicate...)

At the risk of sounding picky,

How long will this 'consoltation period' (sic) take. I, along with a whole bunch of other guys ('n gals) have some serious stuff to sort out.

Perhaps you have dealt with the CSA, I don't know, but they don't actually respond favourably to ill defined periods of time. Oh, and that reminds me, what do I tell the mortgage company? And my kid...

If you've got nothing to tell us, then I respect that, AND the reasons.

So put a statement to that effect around the crew rooms so we aren't all guessing and lead PROPERLY. Telling people what you don't know (and why) is quite often better than them finding out from a third party. Nb PPrune should NOT be a first pont of information.

If it's all a bit of a burden and you need someone to help out with the niff naff then drop me an email.

I'm sure you'll find that we, the crew, are eager to assist in any way that clears the path for you to be able to negotiate effectively.

Very Best Regards.

10th Oct 2001, 17:26
As previously stated the Crew Council meets today with management to commence the consoltation period. Government legislation states that for more than 20 but less than 100 redundancies the period must be 30 days. As yet the only number to go on is from last weeks mainline meeting. There is a whole host of things that the management are required to discuss with the representitives of the work force. The Crew Council has the latest legislation to hand and will be using that to ensure that you are all represented fairly and that all possible measures have been taken before any redundancies take place. For those of you that are clearly worried about the Crew Councils ability either address this by putting your fears down on paper with any suggestions to the Chairman or please let it rest until the Crew Council has had a chance to do their job. You do no one any favoures by expressing your views so explicitly on this forum. As soon as the Council has any firm news I am sure that we will all be informed, but not here. There are no secrets being kept from you that I am aware of.
Regards to you all

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10th Oct 2001, 20:38

You were the one sprouting 'facts' about crewing numbers confirmed for winter et al. Considering I haven't even looked at the Winter crewing numbers yet, cause I don't have a winter program. Since I am the one who passes these figures to management, I suggest you get your facts right first. Dis-information is NOT needed at times like these!!!!

You will be get a four week roster tomorrow, along with a little note about the new website.

As for mud slinging, the crew council were impressed, NOT, over your snide little comments.

Oh, before I go, at least I don't have to hide behind anonymity.

Stagnation Point
10th Oct 2001, 22:42
Steady guys, no need for fisty cuffs just yet. If you can how about transfering this little discussion onto the new web site where we can all talk out in the open. Personally I'm a bit fed up with feeling like a temporary ornament and haveing lived with the stress for the last three years I'm looking forward to a time of peace and tranquility. Things were just starting to settle down and then Bin Ladden had to go and do what he did, but then again we are the lucky ones. I here that in the States there are a lot of Pilots out walking the streets, they don't get things like redundancy and 30 days of consultation, over there its a bit like going to the Barbers, Hair today gone tommorow. Its times like this that I wish I had taken the Mortgage repayment insurrance that seemed very expensive at the time.

SO how about using this as a support for guys like me who are feeling a bit down about it all and not some school yard bickering contest.

Luv U'all like a brother.

Stu M.
11th Oct 2001, 00:11
It's a time for cool heads. I reckon bmi regional will suffer less than mainline. What happened to the squabble about who was first in line to transfer? You'd have transferred straight on to the dole. Count your blessings and have some sympathy for the guys and girl who did go.

Stu M.
11th Oct 2001, 00:52
Seeing as it's fairly obvious where I'm coming from I would like to confirm that the excrewingbod generally knows what's going on.The numbers quoted by BALPA are meaningless until they are announced by our management to our Crew Council. That doesn't mean they're incorrect but it does mean that until our management tell our Crew Council they are not official. We are supposed to be able to keep our heads under pressure. It's a Goat F*ck of a world right now and the last thing we need is a few headless chickens in the middle of it. Anyone on the 146 who wants to talk give me a call.

11th Oct 2001, 01:10
Stu M.

I note from your profile that shooting is a hobby. Not more foxes in the garage eh !!

Big Malc

Stu M.
11th Oct 2001, 01:17
I heard they thought about taking a DC 10 but took one look at the FO and sat back down again! The trouble is these ******s can climb stairs.

Scotflight Aviation
13th Oct 2001, 03:49
Wow..that was all getting a bit heavy guys.
Anybody wanna buy a punchbag?) (snake skin)
Let me say this though...I've been in this situation before except in previous times I wasn't so lucky. Air Europe went bust on me before I was aware of it (and a few other airlines I worked for) Some of the pilots ended up getting jobs like driving the bus from the airport staff carpark to Concorde house (LGW). I reckon BMIR (and probably EasyJ)are about the best places to be right now. I'm not going to pretend I know what's going on in the office, but after being here for just over 5 years, I got a really good feeling that our guys are doing the best they can for us despite tons of uncertainty being thrown at them from all angles, but as I've seen in previous times, when things all get a bit personal, company morale spins out of control, so when the company recovers...the crews don't, and quite frankly, I just want a nice life! Ok that's the serious bit over with. next person on this topic tell us a joke and cheer me up !

13th Oct 2001, 14:38
Why are there no Aspirin in the jungle?

Because the Parrots eat 'em all.

He He. ;) ;) ;) :)