View Full Version : KLM Exel phasing out their EMB-145s

3rd Apr 2002, 20:32
I heard news today that Air Exel (KLM-Exel) have stopped operating their remaining two EMB-145s. They are apparently going on lease to Cameroon Airlines. I believe one of their ATR-42's also recently went to Cameroon. Two of their EMB-120s, withdrawn from service some time ago, have not found new owners and are still parked at MST.

Is the MST - MUC service now operated with an ATR, or are they dropping the route?

4th Apr 2002, 06:38
Any reason for dropping the 145's?

4th Apr 2002, 06:53
The route MST-MUC is dropped. The EMB's however will be wetleased to Cameroon, reducing the number of pilots that were going to be fired by Exel.


4th Apr 2002, 06:56
On a dutch forum airwork they say it is wetlease and the aircraft are not phased out. They seem to have recalled staff that were sent home after 9/11.

There seems to be some shareholder problems with the IMKA group and a guy called Harm Prins?

anyway good luck to the recalled guys:)

4th Apr 2002, 12:39
:( Sorry to hear that they are dropping the MUC route. That's Berlin, Milan and now Munich gone. At least the crews keep their jobs although, I gather, with no other option it seems but to accept a Cameroon posting or nowt. I have never understood why Exel didn't introduce the 145 on the MST-STN route (other than on the odd rotation here and there). Pax do prefer jets these days and I'm personally convinced that the 145 would have generated better loads than the present ATR-42. As it is, JET service to STN is now available at competitive fares from DUS (Buzz) and CRL (Ryanair), both under 1 hour by car from MST - and now EIN (Ryanair again), less than a 50 minute car ride away. And, of course, Exel is competing directly with Ryanair on the EIN-STN route too, again ATR v B737. Granted, at present, the times and frequencies are in Exel's favour, but for how long? How long before both the MST-STN and EIN-STN routes are dropped?