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Rock and Hard Place
2nd Apr 2002, 07:43
Gather some of you My Travel guys have now got Summer contracts, if so what were the final T&C?

Air2bob have just offered those who were made redundant two options.

Option 1. Temporary Summer only 29 April till 15 October, no leave, no benefits, full pay in the period plus a bonus for completing the contract.

Option 2. Permanent Part Year with working period 29 April till 29 November, then retained period till 31 March, then another working period till end of October, etc, etc, etc. 60% full time pay paid in 12 equal monthly instalments with benefits in working period only, pension if you can afford to contribute, back on the seniority role.

The latter smacks of a new model airline, standby! Promise of permanent contracts being awarded as they come available, why should they bother, a charter airline full of part-time pilots sounds like the ideal business model?

By the way, heard a rumour that Air 2000 is to become First Choice Travel, there is a familiar theme there me thinks.

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2nd Apr 2002, 17:53
That will be why we took the unpaid leave and why we made 21 pilots redundant and why we demoted 10 captains ........ so that we could afford to repaint the aircraft without affecting directors bonuses and shareholders dividends!

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2nd Apr 2002, 17:58
Hope they can still afford it after a summer of discontent.
Gauntlets are down:

Bean Counters v Crew

I know where I'll put my bet, any offers?

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2nd Apr 2002, 18:02
Mitts are off ........... I'm with you! 60% effort 60% morale 60% discretion, etc

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2nd Apr 2002, 18:03
Not that much surely!!!!!

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3rd Apr 2002, 16:35
I think First Choice Transport Division would be a good name, that way the pilots would be under no illusion as to where they stand in the order of things! Roll on the Summer!

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Clio Toros
4th Apr 2002, 05:28
This is a public forum children.

Desk Driver
4th Apr 2002, 06:34
Where's my original post ?

And what was wrong with it?

4th Apr 2002, 12:44
Sorry to say but Air 2000 staying as Air 2000, just changing colour scheme to a nice pink splodge on the tail and two tone stripe down the sides...
First A/C will be the new one G-OOOZ in the paint shop at moment, use the term new one loosely!!! That will be new to Air 2000.....:rolleyes:

4th Apr 2002, 16:34
err hello ?!?!?

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Did I miss something?

As with Desk Driver above, where did my posts go? And what was wrong with them?

Ta :(

4th Apr 2002, 17:17
Thats sad :( I'm gonna missthe chirpy current livery. Instead I can look at a pink flower and two stripes, great, just great.


4th Apr 2002, 21:47
Temp crew....the ONLY way to go!!!:D

5th Apr 2002, 08:27
Are you suggesting we don't have freedom of speech on this forum?