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Few Cloudy
31st Mar 2002, 13:08
what does it mean?

31st Mar 2002, 13:55
thats what i would like to know as well

Sleeve Wing
31st Mar 2002, 13:58
Agreed, FC.
All very professional but my limit is joined-up writing !
Please can we have it back to "ordinary",Danny, without all the trimmings ??
:( :( ;)

The Rookie
31st Mar 2002, 15:13
. . is a HTML tag that means line break (equivalent of pressing return).

Looks like it is a bug in Danny's script that converts old postings to the new forums as the . . should just be . ..

31st Mar 2002, 15:25
Well is it possible to get it sorted out? It's made early posts unreadable which will virtually wreck archived items.

Is it possible either to delete, transfer to the user's profile page or correct the 'posts' counter which is currently substantially in error?

For those people with PPRuNe e-mail addresses, I suggest you do NOT check the 'Email Notification' option or you will receive endless 'someone has replied to your post' e-mails!

The Rookie
31st Mar 2002, 15:28
It's an easy thing to sort out and I am sure Danny has it on his long list. All that is required is a simple search and replace for the offending HTML code.

Cyclic Hotline
1st Apr 2002, 04:02
URGENT. Moderators.

I have sent an e-mail to PPRuNe admin, regarding a very important issue.

Can someone please check it ASAP. e-mail me if you can't access it.


Also online right now at Cyclic Hotline on AOL messenger.

PPRuNe Towers
1st Apr 2002, 06:34
CH's concerns regard the e-mail address being available when you post.

Many people will wish to have them unavailable. Simply go to the top of any page and go to the first option: "user CP."

Your profile comes up and near the top you can see an "edit options' icon.

Click on this and about five lines down you'll see you can click to hid your email address from view.

Reheat On
1st Apr 2002, 07:05
I suspect this is a case of breaking that which did not need fixing.

1st Apr 2002, 07:48
Pprune Towers

Thanks for the tip - modded,ground tested - found satis!

PPRuNe Dispatcher
1st Apr 2002, 07:56
The following email will be sent to all registered users later today :

Dear $username

A software glitch in the new forum software script meant that the setting "hide email address" for some users didn't get transferred over correctly.

For the moment I've turned off all visible email addresses.

If you want your email address to remain hidden you must go into the user control panel and edit your options to turn it off. The edit options page is at http://www.pprune.org/forums/member.php?s=&action=editoptions

At some point we will be turning "visible email addresses" back on.


email : [email protected]

PPRuNe Dispatcher
1st Apr 2002, 08:01
The old bulletin board software was never designed to handle the number of users we have45,000+). To keep PPRuNe alive we have had to buy and install bulletin board software which uses a database; we are also in the process of comissioning a more powerful server.

Mik Butler
aka PPRuNe Dispatcher

1st Apr 2002, 11:32
Have just received the email regarding the hiding of email addresses. However, have just noticed a major hassle which has resulted in this post.

Before the slick new software arrived, I posted under another identity which was also my login name. Due to my identity being discovered (paranoia is my middle name!), I changed my visible identity to something quite different. However, the new software will only let me post under my original login name which I don't wish to use, and I wish to revert to my current name. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be an option.

I submitted this post using my 'spare' email address and in fact a similar thing has occurred, it appears to be using my login name rather than the name I wish to be displayed.

Please let me know, either via email or on this topic how I can revert to my previous name(s) to preserve my anonymity.:eek:

1st Apr 2002, 11:35
I had a similar concern so emailed pprune admin and it is now fixed - I wasn't so concerned with anonymity but with the fact I like this name, I chose this name, and wanted credit for the mails "logged" to my login name!!

The issue was resolved very quickly :D

Thanks again PPRuNe Dispatcher and the Admin team!!

1st Apr 2002, 11:39
Many thanks. Email on the way.

1st Apr 2002, 12:10
I suppose it had to happen today of all days, but well done guys, a good job well done:eek:

1st Apr 2002, 13:33
Hmm, noted that many members are VERY concerned about their email addresses being visable. Wonder why this is? Could it be that these members just want to sling the s..t but cannot take it in return...ie: too thin skinned.:p

1st Apr 2002, 13:58
Sorry, but where are the "Airline" Forums???? Have they been binned for good or are they coming back soon?? :( :(

Few Cloudy
1st Apr 2002, 14:51
Ta for info - Ta also for all the WORK!!

My title for the thread seems to have changed and . . <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" /> but it just goes to show how spoiled we all are having this forum anyway...


Cyclic Hotline
1st Apr 2002, 17:23
It was not my intent to appear overly dramatic over the revealing of e-mail addresses; merely that there is a quite considerable amount of privileged information shared on PPRuNe, simply because the identity of the poster is not disclosed.

There may be a variety of reasons and motivation why individuals post information on PPRuNe but much of the content is what makes this site so appealing. The anonymity provided allows individuals to disclose a variety of information, often prior to it becoming public knowledge, and often provided by individuals who might suffer repercussion or sanction in a variety of manners, should their identity be determined.

I do not include myself in this particular equation, as my e-mail has always been available (but does not identify me), and I know that many in my particular sphere of aviation already know my identity (not a particularly guarded secret!). However, at least one of my alter-ego identities DID identify me, and could have been potentially embarrasing!

Unfortunately, with the onus on the individual to hide their e-mail address, anyone unfortunate enough not to know this, or not log on to the site, might inadvertently be exposed. It was this simple (inadvertent) change to the status of each individual that caused my concern.

Some of the most contentious current posts on this site, contained e-mail addresses that absolutely revealed the identity of the poster by name. As these topics were originated under the guise of anonymity, the potential resultant outcome of suddenly unmasking the individual might truly be embarrassing for the individual concerned and also constrain future information on this board.

Thanks to all at PPRuNe HQ for addressing (sic) this matter. Like the new site, format and features. I also like my new number of posts, as it makes me look much less geeky and SAD!

Oscar Wilde summed up the principal of PPRuNe quite nicely;

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

1st Apr 2002, 18:50

Go here:


for the answer to your question.

Scroll down to Capt PPRuNe's post, towards the end, and he states why the private (airline) forums are not up yet.


EGCC Rwy 24
1st Apr 2002, 19:23
The Rookie - at the risk of being branded any one of a number of rude names......

<BR /> is actually more correct than <BR>.

The XHTML specification (which brings HTML into compliance with XML) requires that all tags must be closed. That means, for example, it is no longer acceptable to [slopilly] code a <P> without a closing </P>.

Some tags, such as <BR> stand alone, and do not have a closing tag. They must now become self-closing tags - hence <BR />.

Hope that makes sense!!