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15th Apr 2001, 23:27
From CNN Europe:

"Fire forces plane evacuation
April 15, 2001
Web posted at: 1510 GMT
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - A flight bound for Israel was forced to abort takeoff from Amsterdam on Sunday due to a suspicious fire.
The fire broke out in a toilet just as the KLM flight to Tel Aviv was picking up speed along the runway.
A fire warning indicator lit up in the cockpit, causing the captain to slam on the brakes and abort the flight. Passengers were evacuated by the emergency chutes.
Initially it was thought that the indicator might have been faulty. However, a stewardess then detected smoke coming from under a toilet door.
The plane taxied back to the terminal and all 225 passengers and 10 crew were swiftly evacuated. One person was reported injured, although it is unclear how seriously.
According to KLM spokesman Hugo Baas the plane has now been impounded by the Dutch public prosecutor's office pending an investigation.
Baas said that paper towels and toilet paper had caught fire, and there was a "strong suspicion" that the blaze was deliberate."


16th Apr 2001, 06:18
Sorry, just a bit confused, did the pax and crew evacuate after the aircraft had returned to a stand? Emergency chutes all over the ramp etc.?

16th Apr 2001, 15:51
Yes well that's the media again.

Apparently There was a cargo fire warning during T/O. After the abort and subsequent investigation by the fire department, nothing could be found and the aircraft was parked at a remote stand.
There, while waiting for decisions as to what to do, The next sequence of events started:
Initially a smoke warning in the aft toilet which was an actual fire and was extinghuished by cabin crew. Situation under control again. However minutes later thick smoke started to devellop in the cabin and an emergency evacuation was initiated.

Arson is suspected. Initially 4 Israelis (passengers) were arrested of which two are still in custody.
Sources: dutch media and company information.


17th Apr 2001, 16:38
Further news:

"Two Israelis were released from jail Monday after police failed to substantiate suspicions they set a fire aboard a KLM flight to Tel Aviv. The fire caused the captain to abort the flight just before liftoff.

Dutch television said police had insufficient grounds for holding them. Two other Israelis who were taken off Sunday's flight for investigation were released Sunday night.

Police said the fire in a restroom of the jet appeared to be deliberate. "We don't have a motive," said spokesman Rob Stenacter. "But we don't think it was an accident."

The pilot aborted takeoff when a fire indicator light came on, just as the aircraft was building speed on the runway. The plane, carrying 225 passengers and about 10 crew, returned to the gate.

Firefighters boarded the aircraft but didn't find any indication of a fire. But 15 minutes later a flight attendant saw smoke coming from one of the restrooms, and passengers were evacuated on the emergency chutes."