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5th Feb 2012, 12:04
Hi guys,

Am in the process of putting all my hours onto an electronic logbook but came across some issues. For clarity could someone In the know explain

A. What can you log on a JAR logbook as copilot when you are the pilot flying the leg.

B. What can I log during check rides

C. What can I log when I am in the simulator?

I assure you I have searched but too many people have different opinions so looking for a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance

5th Feb 2012, 12:39
A) P2. In the UK you can log PICUS, however you captain has to sigh your logbook in that case. Many other european countries do not allow that and require an approved supervision flight with a trainer to be able to log PICUS. Personally i log PF/PM in the remarks column, or in Logten Pro use the Pilot Flying feature.

B) As normal, P2, if you occupy the righthand seat.

C) Simulator time. It doesn't count into total flight time, IFR time or anything else, it is just simulator time. Role as P2 of course.

However, best to check with your local CAA as they know what they recogniza and what not. Despite JAR being a common european license there are still quite a few differences between countries. That should change hopefully in two months time with the EASA license.

5th Feb 2012, 14:19
Thanks Denti,

Did not realize there was a PF option. Helps a lot.

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