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2nd Jan 2012, 11:03
Can anybody help me with some literature about the responsibility of ATC regarding terrain separation. I know that ATC is responsible for terrain clearance when giving vectors, but what about when they tell you to fly direct XXX position, under radar control?

Thanks in advance.

3rd Jan 2012, 10:05
In NZ, It is the responsibility of the Controller to provide terrain separation whether the aircraft is on a Radar vector direct to, or own nav direct to. This will be A130 or above, approved area MSA, 'Radar terrain' map on the controllers scope, 25NM sector altitude or VORSEC chart. The controller must specify what terrain separation is in use, eg track direct to XXXXX decend 25NM chart steps to A030 Cleared VORDME approach RWYXX

7th Jan 2012, 20:58
This is from Doc 4444, 15th edition (there have been a few revisions since this was published in 2007 but I don't think they've affected the following):

" When vectoring an IFR flight and when giving an IFR flight a direct routing which takes the aircraft off an ATS route, the controller shall issue clearances such that the prescribed obstacle clearance will exist at all times until the aircraft reaches the point where the pilot will resume own navigation. When necessary, the relevant minimum vectoring altitude shall include a correction for low temperature effect.

Note 1.— When an IFR flight is being vectored, the pilot may be unable to determine the aircraft’s exact position in respect to obstacles in this area and consequently the altitude which provides the required obstacle clearance. Detailed obstacle clearance criteria are contained in PANS-OPS (Doc 8168), Volumes I and II. See also


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