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14th Apr 2001, 22:57
Does anyone know of any good material available to assist with command preparation. Some of the "not so big" airlines don't really give the guys much in the way of support or preparation for a command upgrade. Are there any really good books on the subject ?

14th Apr 2001, 23:05
If you need to read a book about being in command of an aeroplane- you ain't ready yet!

14th Apr 2001, 23:16
Thats just my point. When my time comes, I want to be ready. Any amount of preparation will make it easier.

14th Apr 2001, 23:33
Do you know anyone within your airline that has been through the command assesment route recently? They would probably have lots of useful insights.

Sleeve Wing
15th Apr 2001, 00:19
Bourbon has hit the nail on the head.
Preparation starts the day you become an F/O (or earlier.)
Watch and listen to every Captain you ever fly with.
Store the good bits and ditch the bad bits.

Best of luck,