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8th Sep 2001, 17:30
Probably not as amusing as it might first appear ??

New Zealand's new pilot navigation charts are to be reprinted because they are allegedly so full of errors they threaten air safety.

The maps include incorrect flight paths and heights and wrong information on clearance categories. One map even omitted an airport.

The maps are published by the Airways Corporation of New Zealand for the Civil Aviation Authority.

CAA spokesman Martyn Gosling says the errors were so serious the corporation has been told to reprint the maps.

The Dominion says the corporation has taken several steps to ensure safety until the new maps are published.

These include writing to all subscribers warning of the problems so far identified, issuing pilots with notices pointing out the errors relevant to their flight path, and distributing a supplement detailing each mistake.

Corporation chief operating officer Ashley Smout says hundreds of pages of charts had been published in the latest batch, and the number of mistakes was comparatively small.