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Back door
28th Oct 2011, 02:23
The Beechcraft King Air turbo-prop aircraft, chartered from Northern Thunderbird Air crashed short of runway in YVR after declaring a emergency shortly after take off.

Small plane crash near Vancouver airport injures 9 - British Columbia - CBC News (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2011/10/27/bc-richmond-plane-crash.html)

First accounts, all survived :)

TRW Plus
28th Oct 2011, 04:16
According to eye-witness reports, and local TV news, bystanders from nearby businesses and vehicles rushed to help most of the injured passengers out of the burning wreckage. The fuselage had separated from the tail section (by at least 10 metres) and was on fire beside a busy airport access road; the tail section was not visibly burning (from news helicopter coverage while still daylight, the accident happened just before sunset here).

News reports said that nine persons were pulled out of the wreckage, five went to the main Vancouver hospital (three in critical condition) and four went to the Richmond hospital (all in stable condition). Some reports say that it has not been confirmed but rumoured that one of the critical injuries has since passed away. Witnesses said that the plane came in at a sharp angle (wings to ground that is), clipped a light standard and narrowly missed vehicles on the four-lane roadway near a busy intersection, then slid to its final resting place while buckling apart. Emergency crews had to extricate at least one person that bystanders could not reach, but it sounded like the quick actions of these witnesses saved lives as flames spread.

Weather in this area at the time of the take-off and return to the airport was likely not a factor, it was partly cloudy with light winds and about 10 degrees Celsius. I would imagine bird strike might be a factor to consider, no evidence of that to my knowledge.

This incident occurred close to the "south terminal" at YVR which is some distance from the main airport and used by short-haul flights; the plane was apparently trying to return there. As a result, while traffic around YVR has been extensively snarled, the main airport remains open and operations are close to normal.

It seems relatively providential that people survived this crash landing and that no vehicles were struck on the road.

28th Oct 2011, 05:31
It slid through two left turn lanes that are usually full of cars waiting to turn left. VERY fortunate they didn't hit many cars. I have waited myself at this intersection 100's of times.

28th Oct 2011, 05:44
Took up all our news at 6pm.

According to local news the aircraft climbed to approx 10,000ft before having trouble and turning back to YVR. Declared an emergency on the way back. Landed short of runway.

It will be interesting to learn why the pilot decided to return to YVR and not, for instance, go to Pitt Meadows, or maybe Abbotsford both of which would be much closer. Obviously YVR has greater emergency cover and, even though the accident was outside the wire, according to the news the services were on hand very quickly, however (speculation alert!) landing closer might have got it on a runway.

Shouldn't second guess, I wasn't there.

28th Oct 2011, 10:11
Funny I never heard a thing. I live a mile from there. No sirens, no switch to 26R in any quantity.

28th Oct 2011, 15:56
Reports this am is that the Captain has passed and that the F/O had 80% burns. Sad day. My son used to work for Northern Thunderbird. My sympathy to the family and friends of the pilots.

28th Oct 2011, 20:51
Aircraft returning to YVR with mechanical problems, made it to within a few seconds of landing. Several passengers walked away with minor injuries.
CBC article and map: Richmond plane crash leaves pilot dead - British Columbia - CBC News (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2011/10/28/bc-vancouver-plane-crash-injured.html)
Map has streetview link showing crash site on road at YVR perimeter fence.

21st Nov 2011, 01:35
Reported that the F/O Matt Robic has passed away from his burns as well as Luc.


Kilo Bravo 1
25th Nov 2011, 09:15
Really sad news. He was my flight instructor and i must say, he was a really cool guy. Patient and always ready to help when you need something explained further.Sure be missed

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