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28th Nov 2001, 02:57
Check this out:

BBC News Report on Flying night Clubs (http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/entertainment/music/newsid_1678000/1678327.stm)

Apparantly the night club owners Ministry of Sound are hoping to buy 4 of Ansett's aircraft to fly Sydney to Melbourne as flying raves!!

Has the world gone mad!?!?

28th Nov 2001, 03:18
if it gives some guys jobs and they can work out how to do it safely - bouncers at the exits and fd doors - go for it :) :p :cool:

28th Nov 2001, 03:49
I wonder if they would serve booze, as I am under the impression they do not at the club in London (which surprised me).

Will they keep the needle bins in the bathroom.

After Sept 11th, how an you make an aircraft full of bouncing people secure?

Will they keep the beacon and strobes on the outside of the aircraft or will they move in?

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28th Nov 2001, 14:04
Another busy night at LATCC then, catching up on all the rumours, Bright-Ling!! You're obviously the man to ask about EAACs 747s. What's the word on the street there?
:confused: :confused:

Hagbard the Amateur
28th Nov 2001, 16:36
Here's an alternative news link.,1004,51385,00.html

Bird Strike
28th Nov 2001, 18:53
Tell me something ... How do you rave with the seat belts on?

28th Nov 2001, 19:06
Big up for the Gatwick posse !! :D

28th Nov 2001, 19:08
Bird Strike: Find a good streak of CAT?

Reminds me of a joke I heard... "If the violent new computer games make kids violent, wouldn't todays young people who grew up playing pac-man spend their time in dark rooms listening to monotonous music and eating pills... ? Oh... nevermind!" :D

Better get this thread to Jet Blast where the whole idea of flying raves belongs anyway. ;)


28th Nov 2001, 19:14
Respek to the flight deck massive!

All the cabin ladies in the house - scream!

28th Nov 2001, 20:34
I seem to recall Air Ops doing a flight like that with one of their 1011īs.. From Frankfurt to Las Vegas the aft section of the cabin was made into a dancefloor.. It was all supervised by a number of bouncers to make sure that no more that 50 ppl was on the floor at the same time and thus exceeding the max floorload limit..
Those were the days.. :D :D :D

28th Nov 2001, 20:55
gives a new meaning to "going on a trip"

28th Nov 2001, 21:00
just thinking about this a little further.

So you're grooving away (or whatever the term is nowerdays) to a few tunes when in the middle of "Ride on Time" the Captain comes over the tannoy (I assume that when the PA is used it cuts into the "track" and has priority - or will it "mix" into the song?) with the "We're currently cruising at 37,000ft". Isn't this going to go down like a lead mangle?

I can see PA's being timed to perfection with the DJ giving the fligtdeck a "time slot" to speak!

Al Titude
28th Nov 2001, 22:35
Would they throw you out if you pi##ed the bouncers off?
Could be very interesting...mind you the veil of alcohol would probably ensure a safe landing!

29th Nov 2001, 10:10
Ride On Time?? Wasn't that in the sixties???

If they bought 767s could give a new meaning to the phrase E-TOPs--they'd all be joining the smile high club!

Hagbard the Amateur
29th Nov 2001, 14:37
I would imagine there would need to be a separate altimeter on the flight deck for the pax.
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen - this is your Captain, Aphex Twin - I hope you are all truly mullahed - we'll be taxiing to the runway on the power of our sub-bass drivers."

Edited cos I can

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29th Nov 2001, 14:37
Easy. You'd have the effo doing the DJ'ing. The captain would ask him to put on a dub track while he did the PAs as voice over. I can just hear it:

"Welcome inna dis de most rockin' sound system! I n'I now be a-cruisin' miles high ovah Babylon"

Better pull the C/B for the smoke detectors in the cabin... ;)


29th Nov 2001, 16:41
"as per our standard night procedures we will be dimming the cabin lights and turn off the sub-woofer on the wing - thus ensuringwe don't wake up the neighbours on the flight path"

Sonic Cruiser
29th Nov 2001, 21:05
PF on the decks mixing in the fattest throttle control with some chilled out landings

MC PNF on the mike with guest big ups from ATC and a live PA from AF3524 BA253 UA924 and a shout out to the Tower.

Big up da area Controlers aaayyyeeeeee

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Hagbard the Amateur
29th Nov 2001, 22:01
Bo Selectaaaa!! Choon!!!

30th Nov 2001, 00:34
This could put a whole new meaning on crashing a party!

30th Nov 2001, 05:46
And what's a house party without some tunes?

"Groove Jet", followed by "Take a Picture" (awake on my airplane, awake on my airplane...), cut to "Flight 894"(or whatever DJ Tiesto cooked up), then "Pretty Fly for a White guy", then leading into Sugar Ray doing "Fly" (or possibly "LA International Airport" for anyone who wants a dash of really old C&W)...

...But then I'm a just a 45-year-old mook from the States, so what do I know? ;)

1st Dec 2001, 01:48
Who will "man the Doors"?

1st Dec 2001, 22:55
Yo! Big up to the cabin crew massive - doors to auto n' cross check, Aiiiii!

Everybody in da Boeing 747-200 Classic make some noise!!!

Bass in the plane, London (Heathrow)

Check it! - three greens down n' we're cleared to land.

Hagbard the Amateur
1st Dec 2001, 23:15
Don't need no speed brakes either - just open the emrg. exits at a safe altitude and have party pax wave destination rave flyers from the aircraft.
Depending upon stimulant intoxication level, pax can also be used as emergency propulsion aids in case of engine failure. Just initiate rave pax rant after appropriately positioning them on the wing.

Sorry - I'll get my coat

2nd Dec 2001, 03:36
I just checked the itinerary --
London to Ibiza to Tel Aviv to Goa to Sydney to San Francisco to New York to London.

Whoops, missed Amsterdam!

Mr Pax
2nd Dec 2001, 22:06
What a great venue for a PPRuNe BASH!!! :p :p :p

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3rd Dec 2001, 08:15
You wait -- the Millennium Dome looks enough like a saucer that I bet it could fly... :D

3rd Dec 2001, 08:24
As we are about to land Boys & Girls, I would ask that you extinguish all types of smoking, Place your tray tables forward and stow your luggage. Once again I would like to thankyou for flying with us and hope you enjoyed your TRIP! :o :o :p :confused:

The Guvnor
3rd Dec 2001, 21:51
Sorry folks - turns out that it was all a publicity hoax by Richard Palumbo's Ministry of Sound.

Still, I reckon it's a pretty good idea ... we could use one of those ex BA 747s that are awaiting disposal!

Wonder what the Belgrano would have to say about it all?

4th Dec 2001, 06:58
And here I thought IIO was their latest publicity stunt! :D