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14th Sep 2011, 09:15
Noticed there are a couple of adverts now appearing for FI positions on AFORS. Unusual at this time of year. Been speaking to a couple of schools and all are reporting problems recruiting instructors at the moment. Just wondered if this is going to have a knock on effect to the airlines when they start.

Are any instructors having trouble finding work???

14th Sep 2011, 10:19
When EASA bites, there will be a huge problem finding commercial instructors because it will be too expensive for the average FI to get the hours necessary to qualify as a ME IRI. Typically Ģ40k above the basic FI. The dimwits at Cologne either haven't worked it out, or more likely, lack both knowledge and interest. The younger instructors will go to the airlines leaving only a few airline retirees to do the commercial training, which may bias everything towards the MPL as they will qualify in both roles and the latter will be more lucrative.

14th Sep 2011, 10:42
Have I missed something? But I thought the requirement to be a ME CRI or be a IRI had not changed from the JAR-FCL into EASA FCL?
So the requirement would be the same 500 hours total and 30hours PIC on class for the ME CRI.

Did they change again something from the last time I look at EASA FCL?

14th Sep 2011, 16:00
Its the 200 hours under IFR to qualify for the IRI course. The UK has never logged time IFR, only time by sole reference to instruments i.e. actual time flying on instruments as opposed to flying IFR in VMC. Consequently, the UK equated 50 hours by sole reference to equal 200 hours in accordance with IFR.

Full UK FIs traditionally were qualified to teach instrument flying, fewer have qualified since JARs came along because it was neither mandatory no cost effective for many, now it will be even less cost effective so the numbers will diminish rapidly.

No its not a change from JAR, merely a change in the way JARs have been applied.

15th Sep 2011, 19:16
Thanks for the info.
On the mainland, we did not count this way so the FI need to have 200 hours IFR before going on the IRI course.
Which mainly means that the people giving IFR training are mainly people already flying on the line.

16th Sep 2011, 08:24
I would be interested to know the thoughts of flying instructors as we are hearing 2 completely different stories.

We run 2 bases in Scotland (Perth and Cumbernauld) for PPL training and Commercial training. While we have a core of instructors we are always looking to add to the pool as our younger instructors seem to be getting snapped up after about a year of instructing (we have lost 5 in the past year!). This is OK as we have always operated in an open manner and any instructors working towards an airline job tend to give us good notice.

We are aware of another couple of instructors who will be moving on in the next few months and as such we have advertised on our website.

While we get a steady flow of applications the majority are from overseas!


16th Sep 2011, 08:49
The number of overseas FIs may be a result of two factors. Firstly, there is a smaller market for them in the US where lots of European FIs used to go to gain experience. Secondly, there appears to have been a growth in European FI schools with no corresponding increase in the FI market. In many countries aeroclub flying is unpaid and operates along very traditional lines. In contrast, the UK offers a larger number of flying schools, an opportunity to perfect the English language, and an opening into the UK job market, making it attractive.

Quite often an upturn in the aviation market in one area is not reflected in other areas.

18th Sep 2011, 19:25

Iīm a UK trained FI(R) with 800 hours TT, finish the course in March, send my CV for all UK,Spain, Portugal and some schools in Europe and until today NOTHING!
Thatīs incredible all weeks sending FI CV and NOTHING!
I just want instruct...

18th Sep 2011, 20:26
You won't get a job sending CV's out.

You need to get your backside in gear and go and visit the schools and get your face known.

If its a local school try and drum up some trade and walk in the door and say you have a couple of punters wanting to do a PPL and you want to do it through the school. Then by the time you have finished them you will have hopefully managed to convert a couple fo TF's into PPL's and your foot will be in the door. This can back fire though with the established FI's

19th Sep 2011, 09:27
I agree with Mad Jock, sending CVs is a waste of time.

Cows getting bigger
21st Sep 2011, 08:17
CVs drop into my email folder on a daily basis, the most recent being from someone outside of the UK with 1300hrs TT, FIC and IR approvals. Unless that individual actually bangs on my door I'm not interested. Even then, I suspect I couldn't offer him anything other than part-time PPL instruction which doesn't really fit with his (over) qualifications.

That said, I could happily take another couple of part time FIs.

21st Sep 2011, 22:52
MJ, Whopity and CGB are in my experience correct, unless you happen to hit the right person on the right day (ie when they need a new FI) and they don't actually know anybody personally who's looking for a job, then unfortunately emailing CVs is a largely futile exercise.

We don't get as many as CGB, perhaps a couple a week, which I do always reply to, but we've never recruited from that source. Mostly, our instructors have been local, who've flown with, or been trained by us in the past, or recommended by someone whose opinion we trust. As CGB says, we'd be much more inclined to give someone a chance who actually turned up in person. I accept that this is more expensive and time-consuming than clicking send a few dozen times, but you need to put some effort in to get a result.

21st Sep 2011, 23:07
someone outside of the UK with 1300hrs TT, FIC and IR approvals.I know I'm drifting this thread a bit, but does anybody think 1300hrs TT is a bit low to be doing FI courses?
I always thought that FIC instructors were very experienced (old:E) individuals, with years of instructing and examining behind them. This person would seem to have possibly about 1000hrs instructing, so perhaps been doing it for 1-2 years, assuming they got their FIC approval recently. I accept that I don't have much knowledge of the individual concerned and that they may be very able and competent. However, when it comes to passing on instructional techniques and tips, that must be affected by how much basic PPL instruction they've done.

22nd Sep 2011, 02:10
mate i don't think i have enough time being a LTC and 4.5k hours and 950 hours as a FI to be a FIC instructor. 1300 they barely know how to fly themselves.

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