View Full Version : Boeing to develop 2 passenger jets with russians!

14th Apr 2001, 13:10
BBC is carrying this report


Does the world really need another regional jet? the market is surely saturated already. what does this do to the 717/737? will a major western airline ever purchase a large number russian built jetliners, i'd bet not.

Im sure the world could do with a supersonic business jet but will this be it, (wasnt that meant to be a collaberation with sukhoi)or is one of these going to be the .9 mach plane we hve heard so much about.

14th Apr 2001, 14:16

14th Apr 2001, 16:18

Boeing are currently flying a developement program with the TU114 ( Concordski)

There was an interesting program on TV in USA the whole Concordski program.

It was apparently the last one built and had been in mothballs since the Paris crash.
The program also claimed that the Paris crash was due to a French Mirage shadowing the Concordski trying to get inflight photos of the then new canards on the 114.
There was a most enlightening interview with the French head of the Accident investigation who stormed out of the meeting - " moi!"