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7th Aug 2011, 23:30
Hi fellow aviators
I'd like to get inputs from guys about the base check on 737-700.I had a base check today on it but I was a bit behind the machine.I'd like to know what's the ideal power and pitch settings on downwind,my real problems on the flight today started more while turning base whereby I could intercept the glideslope but I ended up chasing it all the way,I'm due to complete them tomorrow.Any help is appreciated from you guys.Best Regards

8th Aug 2011, 08:28
Got a QRH/QRP? Been in the sim? Doing an ILS on a 'base check'?

8th Aug 2011, 09:12
Yes BOAC we did ILS tracking on final on the base check tough it's supposed to be visual all through

8th Aug 2011, 10:57
Was that yes to the other questions as well? What is 'ILS tracking' on final?

9th Aug 2011, 14:29
sorry for the late reply.I've got a QRH and i'm doing actual touch and go on the plane after having been on the sim.Any tips?

9th Aug 2011, 17:48
My tip is to find a flt sim forum:D

10th Aug 2011, 05:53
2.5 pitch attitude and about 55% on the power should be good references

10th Aug 2011, 14:15
Thanx Odericko 2000 that's the type of answer i've been expecting,i appreciate that

10th Aug 2011, 19:29
You asked for down-wind advice. However, first: after takeoff and rollers, approaching the turn onto downwind (750-1000') get the power back to 80% (even little less) = 1000fpm otherwise the a/c will rocket through 1500'. There will be a massive nose down as you haul off the power and you enter downwind out of trim. You're at F5. Try 5.5 & 55% or 6 & 60%. Easy to remember. The accurate figures for the day will be between these. Keep an accurate distance from the rwy and make sure you track //. Trim is always the key. Accurate power and trim = acurate speed and level flight. The a/c flies itself and you can relax and look out of the window, just checking inside at the parameters; include N1% in scan. It will depend on how your company teaches base leg, descending or level. On finals nail the pitch & power for landing config quickly to allow accurate triming. Pitch/attitude flies the glide path, (V/S) trim maintains that attitude, and constant power = stable speed and stable trim. You just guide the a/c in roll to the smash point looking out the window, and scanning inside every few seconds to see everything is where it should be. If the attitude is wrong, the V/S will be wrong (and visa versa) and the glide path will change. You can correct it before it has chance to do so. Same with N1%.If it's wrong the speed will change, and then you are into power/pitch couples. Correct it before the change has happened. Make only small changes and fly with your finger tips; not gripping the yoke like you are Dirty Harry holding a Magnum 45. Then you can feel if the trim is correct. All this allows you to relax and breath properly, and put the centre line between your legs.
But surely, if you've been training circuits in the sim, before the live a/c, these things would have been practiced; or have I missed something? That's what sims are for.

10th Aug 2011, 21:12
Thanx RAT5 couldn't get any better explanations than this one.I'm going to try it on my PMDG and nail it there.I'll keep u posted

10th Aug 2011, 22:40
Flight path vector...

down wind, put it on the horizon:ok:

on final put it just below the first the 2,5 deg bar on the PFD that would be 3 deg to most people...

and then just set your throttles as needed

11th Aug 2011, 08:20
I'm still struggling to understand - see post #7?

11th Aug 2011, 10:19
Any Sim instructor worth his pay would have fully briefed you on the required Pitch Attitudes and Thrust settings on day 1
Even if he didn't then you would certainly know enough by the time it came to any Base Training.

This is a load of BS. :=

11th Aug 2011, 10:32
as soon as he mentioned the pmdg it's a dead giveaway.
he;s picking your mind for microsoft flight simulator.
not cool.

11th Aug 2011, 13:37
Pardon my Flt Sim ignorance but what is PMDG?

11th Aug 2011, 13:42
Aha! An opportunity to get this thread moved for good:p

PMDG 'make' an excellent series of programmes to run in MS FltSim with different aircraft models. I understand from a fanatical friend the 'new' 737NG is brilliant and has a load of Boeing Fcoms etc with it, which might help our armchair poler.

I have the 'old' 737NG prog - which is good.