View Full Version : ILS Approach limits A320

5th Aug 2011, 10:47
hello everyone

I've been told (during a flight check) not to arm approach (appr p/b) before i'm within 8 degrees from intercepting the LOC beam.(ILS APP):confused:

Can someone discuss about this limitation and, if possible, pointing me where I can find reference or documentation about this limit.


Artificial Horizon
5th Aug 2011, 10:56
I don't think this is an aircraft limit. Dragging up lots of information from the back of my brain I seem to remember the localiser signal is only accurate beyond 10 degrees from the centreline outside of 10nm, maybe this is an instructor technique to ensure that you don't get a false localiser intercept.

As I say with 8 years on the A320 I don't think there is a limitation on where you can arm the LOC.

5th Aug 2011, 11:36
Hi, that is not a limitation, that will be just to avoid false loc signal, and to arm the approach in NAV mode just need to be autorized or in HDG towards to final fix within 15 miles