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20th Jul 2011, 20:50
My friend was taking a sim check at one of Middle East operators, the scenario as follows:
Airport :Kuwait
Qnh : 1000
After v1 Engine fire, and the fire still not out after ECAM actions and shut down, his decision was to join the downwind and land at the same runway of departure, The examiner refused that and said to him you would land on the opposite direction with tailwind 15 knots to save 4 minutes any ideas?

20th Jul 2011, 22:23
KWI has two parallel, long runways. You take which ever one is easiest/quickest.

(33R gets you to the terminal better...).

20th Jul 2011, 23:29
The next check airman would fault him if he did a 180 and landed with a 15 knot tailwind. Check airmen are not Gods, they are pilots with a personal opinion. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they aren't.

21st Jul 2011, 08:32
I reckon if he failed your sim check for not doing a landing on the reciprocal runway (length not an issue), you can still lodge an official protest by throwing at him FCOM 3.01.20 p3 : "Wind for takeoff and landing - Maximum tailwind 10 kts".

21st Jul 2011, 10:22
Agree with all the above. Question is, where was he when it became obvious the fire was not going to go out?

Too many variables unknown to answer definitively, but if I was 20nm up wind and still on fire, I'd be tempted to take the 15kt tailwind for landing as well.

Thats the trouble commenting on a sim exercise you weren't a part of.

21st Jul 2011, 13:32
FCOM 3.02.10 P6

I know those artists at Air Arabia.

21st Jul 2011, 20:25
some models can be certified to 15 kt tailwind (for a small fee...)

anyway, the normal procedure is to make a visual circuit and land in the active runway. by the time you realise the engine will not extinguish you should already be in downwind.

he didn't say he didn't pass the check. All you have to do in such a case is "yes captain" and look at him as if you were looking at lindbergh

22nd Jul 2011, 01:10
A-3TWENTY said it all!!!!!

22nd Jul 2011, 04:59
I'm with waren9 - was the fire drill started promptly and how
long had it been burning, did that fire eat into anything else
(non-expected ECAM warnings and/or cabin/aircon smoke), at
the time was any traffic taking off from the same departure
runway, etc etc.

As I've often said before there is no reason to rush things in a
modern airline jet and 3.02.10 p6 is sufficient, unless there is
sufficient justifiable SAFETY reasons to get it back on the deck
asap. In that case, an A320 can handle a 15kt TW (wether or
not an Airboos fee has been paid).

And don't forget a sim ride is a check of essential operational
knowledge and SOP. Seldom does it play out as an exercise in
the real world. If all else fails while wrestling in the box, stick
to the SOPs to protect your salary for the next six months.

And yep examiners are definitely NOT perfect. I've yet to meet
one who is (apart from myself, once! ;))

2nd Sep 2011, 17:07
Hi Guy's;

Looking for any recent update about AirArabia Morocco.

Current situation / pilot satisfaction.
DEC Recruitment. (10.000 hrs TT / 6.000 on type).
T&C's / salary package / taxes issue.
Roster. Part-time. (1 week on - 1 week off / 1 month on - 1 month off).

Contact number or @mail adress.
Application on their website for months, but no reply.

In advance Many Thanks.

Safe flights & happy landings.
Le cap & le moral, du rhum & du Havane.

2nd Sep 2011, 17:33
Why not land straight ahead in the nearest field or highway and save another 2 minutes? If he wanted to see you land on the reciprocal R/W he should have given you a time limit.

Last Ditch
3rd Sep 2011, 16:00
Hey com'on.. if you are burning, land quickest I would say (as long as you can hack it).
Don't give too much about limitations, salary etc. :=
Moreover, if you are an instructor or in management always respect such decisions. That's the only way you can make good commanders.