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20th Jul 2011, 13:18
Hi guys

I am searching for some technical details regarding a BAE 146 but it seems to be extremely hard if not impossible to find good technical references and this is why I am asking here.

1. The spoiler lever does control the airbrake at the tail and the actual spoilers on the wings. Is it correct that in the upper area, it just controls the airbrake and if you pull it completely back, it deploys the spoilers also?

2. Does the BAE 146 come with a TCAS and if so, where is it located in the cockpit.

3. Does someone have some informations on the lighting systems and which light is where ? The lights in the wings and at the root of the wings seem to have different possibilities to be switched. I found a picture where all 4 light up, another one where just the ones in both wings light up and another one where just one bulb in the right wing is on, Can some shed some light on this ?

Or does someone have a link where I can find some informations about this ?

Thank you in advance and have a nice day

20th Jul 2011, 14:10
thanks for the informations :)

what I meant with which light is where was where it is in the wing, my guess is that the landing lights are in both wings, the taxi light is just in the right wing and the ice lights are the ones in the wing root, is this correct ?

Or are the ones in the wing root the runway exit lights ?

20th Jul 2011, 14:47
Taxi/Turn off lights are in the wingroot, landing lights about mid span of wing from memory.

20th Jul 2011, 15:01
hmm, the switches only allow to switch either taxi or landing light (they are on the same switch which has 3 positions taxi/off/landing) and regarding to this picture

Photos: British Aerospace BAe-146-200QT Quiet Trader Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/TNT/British-Aerospace-BAe-146-200QT/0647538/L/)

it must be something else, (runway exit lights I guess ?)

20th Jul 2011, 17:29
Aren't the lift dumpers only available after WOW, weight on (main) wheels?

That's the way it was in 1984 when I was on a 146 that used 7,000 feet of a 6,900 foot runway.


20th Jul 2011, 18:43
wow, what an explanation :D

thank you very much :)

The only question that still remains is about the lights, are you able to help there also ?

20th Jul 2011, 19:24
Some of the wing root lights are for runway turn off, and are only available on the ground, (RWY EXIT LTS ON/OFF)
Other wing root lights can be used in-flight for wing inspection / ice detection (WING LTS ON/OFF).
The wing mounted lights are for either landing or taxi as selected (high / low beam), (LANDING / TAXI LTS ON)

Some 146 (all RJs) had auto lift spoiler at touchdown – as described above; this option doesn’t require the spoiler lever to be moved, but the SOP requires selection after touchdown as a back up.

20th Jul 2011, 19:31
Yep, as mentioned there are two wing root lamps; one points along the leading edge for wing inspection, the other points at about a 45 degree angle for runway turn off.
Only one sealed beam in the leading edge with two filaments as mentioned; one landing one taxi.

20th Jul 2011, 19:34
interesting, I thought that theres just one light at the wing root which seems to point downwards

see this picture
Photos: British Aerospace BAe-146-200QT Quiet Trader Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/TNT/British-Aerospace-BAe-146-200QT/0647538/L/)

20th Jul 2011, 20:32
very interesting, I always thought that there is just one light on each side of the wing root

20th Jul 2011, 21:20
You might be able to see both wing root lights if you zoom in on this photo:-
Photos: British Aerospace BAe-146-100 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Druk-Air--/British-Aerospace-BAe-146-100/0270073/L/)

21st Jul 2011, 10:10
hmm, not really, but thanks for the informations