View Full Version : Can an RPT Flight be downgraded if you have no passengers?

15th Jul 2011, 11:53
Hi all

Hope this isn't a dumb question. We fly high cycle, high sector, low capacity RPT Ops.

If you have no passengers booked on an RPT Route, can you downgrade the flight
Change to VFR or Special VFR in CTA,
No need for a Trim, Weight and Balance Sheet
MEL Items for RPT etc etc etc?

Any input gratefully acknowledged :confused::ok:

15th Jul 2011, 22:23
Nothing to stop the company canceling a scheduled flight, nor from doing positioning flights. I'd probably use the aircraft's rego for a callsign instead of the flight number, just to make damn sure there's no comeback later about being an RPT operation but doing things a non-RPT way which may not be allowed for RPT. The only ramification I can think of is if there's a caveat in the rules or contract about minimum performance guarantees. Non-completion of a scheduled flight might affect this area.

Don't forget RPT isn't just limited to pax. Freight can also be an RPT operation so you'd better make sure you're not carrying other consigned stuff.

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