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13th Jul 2011, 22:48
132120 EDDM 23015 9999 RA NSC 17/15 Q1012 BECMG NSW
Unusual - Moderate rain and no significant cloud ?

Dr Esteban
13th Jul 2011, 23:04
I've seen it a number of times before, not very unusual...

NSC is defined as:

"When there is no cloud below 5000 ft or below the highest minimum sector
altitude (whichever is the greater) and there is no towering cumulus or
cumulonimbus, 'NSC' (no significant cloud) is reported. However, the amount,
height of cloud base and cloud type of towering cumulus or cumulonimbus shall
be reported, irrespective of the cloud base height."

Therefore precipitation can occur even if NSC is reported.

14th Jul 2011, 21:53
Thank you, Dr.E

17th Jul 2011, 13:52
Had a funny one on the atis in doha:

A 0930 ILS34 040/6 6000 DU SKC 34/17 Q0994.

Hehehe sky is full of sand, but still concidered clear :D