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5th Jul 2011, 21:58

Is the approach speed (VAPP) a FMS calculation, or is it a Pilot input? If it is an input, when is it done on a Airbus A320?


5th Jul 2011, 22:29
Bom Dia,

The FMGC calculates a VAPP speed depending on weight and the surface wind which you enter in the PERF APP page. (it is VLS+5 with light winds)
If in managed speed the autothrust will command this speed on approach.(read about GS mini to see how it changes with wind)
The pilot can overwrite VAPP if required by gusty conditions (up to VLS+15 per FCOM) or in the case of abnormal situation, the QRH gives an increment to add, there is a page in the QRH describing VAPP calculation.

Wind Shear Ahead
6th Jul 2011, 02:14
(1) Vapp= Highest of: VLS+5 or VLS +1/3 Reported Head Wind Component - max add to Vls= 15 Knots

(2) GSmin= Vapp - Reported Head Wind Component or Vapp -10 if Reported Head Wind Comp less than 10 or if Tail Wind

Vapp Target (what you see on speed tape)= higest of: Vapp(1) or (GSmin(2)+actual Head Wind Component)

Reported Head Wind Component calculated from wind data in wind box, PERF PAGE

8th Jul 2011, 11:52
Thanks for the help!!!