View Full Version : Fokker 100 Fuel Burn

25th Jun 2011, 14:18
Hi everyone

Ideally would be nice if I can get a F100 Performance manual. Failing that are there any pilots out there that can assist with the following info.

1. Fuel burn from take-off to 35,000ft at MTOW at ISA+20
2 Fuel Burn for descent from 35,000ft to MSL at Isa +20 at Max ldg Wt.
3. Fuel Burn Holding at 1500ft AGL at max LDG wt. Isa+20



25th Jun 2011, 14:53
From expirience
Let say for 650 engines to 350 is roughly 1700 kg
For descent aroound 350 if LL descent
And in holding 840 kg for 30 min
And for isa dev lets say plas 10%

But this figures are from my mind not books.