View Full Version : MD-80 a real man airplane

17th Apr 2011, 22:48
I have repeatedly heard that MD-80 is a real man airplane. You need more power to operate the control stick / column than in other planes.
But exactly how much force is needed to operate:
rudder ?
aileron ?
elevator ?
brakes ?

This is indeed an aircraft from before "fly by wire", the pilots I've talked with have always mentioned the MD-80 very positive.
I once dismantled an MD-80 throttle and in that all functions are controlled around the aircraft using steel wire, I think we reached around. 40 pcs. steel wire from the throttle.

18th Apr 2011, 08:36
B727 aviators may have a different opinion of that.

18th Apr 2011, 11:58
I agree....in fact, back when my airline became politically correct and we hired women, most of women could not fly manual reversion. It was simply too difficult physically. Eventually, demonstrating flight under manual reversion was not required for females...that is, if they couldn't do it, they still passed the ride.

Fly safe,