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12th Apr 2011, 09:57
The following is an extract from CAP 637.

9.6 Rapid Exit Taxiway Indicator Lights
9.6.1 Rapid exit taxiway indicator lights (RETILs) provide pilots with distance to go
information to the nearest rapid exit taxiway on the runway, to enhance situational
awareness in low visibility conditions and enable pilots to apply braking action for
more efficient roll-out and runway exit speeds.
9.6.2 RETILs consist of six yellow lights adjacent to the runway centreline and configured
in a three/two/one pattern spaced 100 m apart; the single light is 100 m from the start
of the turn for the rapid exit taxiway, see Figure 1.6.
Figure 1.6 Rapid Exit Taxiway Indicator Lights.

For RETILS I have yet to see any runway with the six yellow lights as mentioned. All the major airports would seem to have the old system of alternating green and yellow lights starting 100 meters before the turn.
Does anyone happen to know of an airport employing the new system and when we can expect the current lighting system to be phased out?

12th Apr 2011, 10:17
I've seen them in (off the top of my head):

Madrid...to name but a few!

The alternating yellow green are centreline lights for the taxiway, and also rather handy to have when vacating! In all the airports listed there, both sets of lights are in use...

12th Apr 2011, 11:01
LGW + pprune padding