View Full Version : B737 wind-shear alert system question

30th Mar 2011, 09:07
Hi all, I got two question about the wind shear alerts, please give me some help, thanks in advance.
1. Is this correct?
priority sequence: wind shear warning(aircraft in windshear)>GPWS(look-ahead terrain alerts, or radio altitude based alerts)>predictive wind shear alerts>TCAS, the higher warnings will inhibit the lower one`s .
and my question is the higher ones will inhibited the aural warning sound or as well inhibited the display on the DUs?
2. In the FCOM chapter 15th,"During takeoff and landing, new predictive windshear caution alerts are inhibited between 80 knots and 400 feet RA, and new warning alerts between 100 knots and 50 feet RA. These inhibits do not remove existing predictive windshear alerts. If a warning/caution event occurs before those boundaries, it will remain on the display and the complete aural callout will be annunciated."
question is :what is the "new" means?
so, if there is any alerts triggered before the speed,there will not be warning again.(I am clear about this) the other hand,if there was no alerts triggered before the speed, is there any wind shear warning come out if it detects wind shear or it will be inhibited?
Thanks a lot~~