View Full Version : 747-8/787 GEnx Engine Swapping

23rd Mar 2011, 06:44
Like the 747-400 And 767-300ER
engine swapping is possible, from 747 to 767 or 767 to 747 As Per AMM,
some minor adjustment will be done to swap those engines.

in 747-8 and 787 powered by GEnx, it could be possible?!

23rd Mar 2011, 07:58
It is my understanding that the engines are quite different in that the version for the 747 has provision for pneumatic bleed services. I seem to remember reading that one of the delays for the 747-8 was in the development of the engine.

Happy to be wrong.


23rd Mar 2011, 08:02
I read somewhere that the 747-8 engine is physically smaller in diameter to fit the 747 and it's also fitted with bleed air. It must have been a bit beyond economical to convert the 747-8 to bleed-less.

So based on that I'm 99% sure that there would not be interchangeability. Theres probably a fair few parts that can be interchanged but not the whole engine.

23rd Mar 2011, 14:01
The GEnx-2B on the 747 is a redesign of the -1B on the 787, and can not be interchanged.
It's not just the fact it has cabin bleed, the fan diameter is smaller, the booster and LPT are shorter. It is a smaller diameter, shorter, lighter version that has reduced thrust capability.
Not sure if the core (HP system) is even common, the bleed capability may mean the engine casings are not the same, so perhaps no R/O shop advantage either.

23rd Mar 2011, 16:43
Latest news this past week was the 787 is much heavier due to all of the reinforcement added and it will need more powerful engines....