View Full Version : A320 spoilers

22nd Mar 2011, 05:21
Hello all
Can anyone tell me how much the spoilers move on the 320 when roll input is used I'm referring to the outer 4 do they all move the same Amount or increase separately and the approx maximum angle I'm building a scale model and need ti replicate it as close as practically possible

22nd Mar 2011, 06:27
For roll control on the 320, max deflection is 35deg. Spoilers 2-5 I believe move equally.

For speedbrake function, they are deployed with different deflections.

I can't find anywhere at what aileron deflection the spoilers start to move, suffice to say they are not both at once. Its about a quarter to a third sidestick.

22nd Mar 2011, 06:46
Thanks warren
I'm guessing the aileron moves first then as more side stick is used the spoilers start to move ?

22nd Mar 2011, 09:37
Yes, you are correct.