View Full Version : F70 take off.

20th Mar 2011, 12:57
Flew as passenger from AMS to FRA in a F70. Was nicely positioned between trailing edge and engine #2. Two things occured to me:

1: we did a flapless take off. Is this common on long rwys?
2: we taxied out on 1 engine only (#1). Just after second engine start we lined up and took off. Isn't there a few minutes of warming up, before high trust can be selected?


Yellow Sun
20th Mar 2011, 14:32
1: Flapless takeoffs are the norm for the F100 and F70.

2: There is a warm up time, but it is quite short (1 minute stable with a warm engine?) but cannot recall the exact figure.

What you observed was normal operating practice.


Piltdown Man
20th Mar 2011, 22:59
The warm-up time varies between two and four minutes. It's the oil temperature that gives this limitation. And for these aircraft, taking off with flap is abnormal.