View Full Version : Below G/S light, 737

19th Mar 2011, 16:53
Why does the "below G/S" light not illuminate when pressed on the 737. During the light test it comes on normally? I cannot find it in the manuals.


21st Mar 2011, 03:26
I am of the understanding that it does illuminate during TEST.

Look in your FCOM under Ground Proximity Warning System, around page 15.10.6 (in my V2), and check out the explanation under Ground Proximity System Test!

Cheers... :)

21st Mar 2011, 14:16
Like I said it does illuminate during the light test. But if you press any light in the cockpit with your finger it illuminates except the "Below G/S" light... the question is why? It is not mentioned in the Boeing manuals.

21st Mar 2011, 14:57
Because it is, unless I've forgotten one, the only light in the cockpit (except the master caution annunciators) that has a switching function, as ITTBF said...