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18th Mar 2011, 22:17
Hello everybody!

I have a question about the MCT setting on the ERP panel of Fokker 50. When it is applied EEC is making all the calculations of the torque but not making any torque adjustments, it has to be done manually via power levers and MFC. Could anybody explain why is it designed like this. I was looking in Airplane Manual as also in the internet resources, but didn't find any explanation.

Thank you in advance.

Piltdown Man
19th Mar 2011, 13:56
From memory, leaving the power levers in the slot would give you 2,500HP following an engine failure as the APR kicks in. So with no effort, you have this value by default. After clean-up and acceleration to VFS, MCT is then selected on the ERP or PMP, depending on what you have installed. This will only move the torque bug to 87.5%, but no more. But by this time, things should be under control so spare capacity should be available for one pilot to make the power selection (87.5% torque or 800˚C). However if for some reason the plane is not performing and more power is required, TOGA power can be selected quickly just by pushing the power lever/s forward. It's just Fokker's way of giving you ultimate control.

19th Mar 2011, 21:34
thank you very much. this is the way I was thinking but didn't find any documented explanation.
have a great time flying!