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18th Mar 2011, 19:30

Just a general question regarding your airline SOP's during the roll out.

Recently pax on A320 during rollout at an estimated 60kts I observed the flaps retracting before we had turned off on a high speed taxi way.

In my company our SOP is no after landing checks until vacated and I believe that does allow both crew members to monitor the taxi, ATC etc more effectively than one completeing a checklist while the other is PF on the runway and at speed.

In all the training I have ever received, non essential checklists are not to be completed whilst on the runway, let alone at speed during the rollout.

Interested in opinions and other SOP's as this one caught my eye and I wondered if it should :suspect:



oz in dxb
19th Mar 2011, 06:18
After landing procedures should be completed once the aircraft has left the
R/W and further taxi clearance has been obtained. These procedures are done by the pilot not flying.
After the procedures have been completed the after landing checklist can be done.

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19th Mar 2011, 07:18
Our after landing procedures are done after vacating the runway and are triggered by the captain call for "Flaps Up, After Landing Checklist." Flows are done silently, and the after landing checklist is performed silently as flows and cleanup items are confirmed.

19th Mar 2011, 12:14
in our airline it's:


and all is done SILENT bei PNF.

PNF: COMPLETED when done, of course

...that's it. end of procedure. easy and relaxed :ok:

19th Mar 2011, 14:59
Agree with the replies.

Depending on your aircraft type and hydraulic system, raising the flaps on the landing roll (which shouldn't be done), may have an adverse effect on nose wheel steering.

Better to remain...
20th Mar 2011, 11:24
Thank you for the replies.

It is as I thought, unusual to for the PNF to be doing after landing checklists on the roll, for good reason.

Thanks again


23rd Mar 2011, 07:14
Original Boeing 737-200 after landing checks included selecting the flaps to Flap 15 immediately on touch down. This only applied to the 737-200 equipped with the gravel-protect system and was designed to minimise stone damage to the flaps when they were fully down

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