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4th Mar 2011, 16:38
Vísir - Íslensk vél brotlenti á flugvellinum í Nuuk - allir farþegar ómeiddir (http://www.visir.is/islensk-vel-brotlenti-a-flugvellinum-i-nuuk---allir-farthegar-omeiddir/article/2011110309425)

Icelandic Plane crashed at the airport in Nuuk - all passengers ok

Dash 8 Air Iceland plane crash at the airport in Nuuk, Greenland for more than half an hour ago. The plane was coming in for landing when she got wind burst and at landing the right wheel broke off . The plane ran out of runway and out of the runaway where it stopped.

All passengers are safe but shaken. They took their hand luggage and went off the plane according to Arni Gunnnarssonar Director of Ai Iceland. 31 passengers were on board, three crew members. The case is under investigation, according to Arni.

4th Mar 2011, 19:54
Did the R/H main gear collapse during landing, or was the gear collapse the result of a hard touchdown following a wind burst?

That will be interesting to learn, bearing in mind what experience SAS had with the Dash8 Q400.

4th Mar 2011, 20:08
As far as I understand from the Icelandic media the gear collapse was the result of a hard touchdown following a wind burst.
Here is a photo:

4th Mar 2011, 21:37
Another RH Main Gear issue for the Dash-8 series this week...

Am I right in thinking that Dash-8 crosswind landing procedure recommends touching down on upwind MLG first?

4th Mar 2011, 23:08
" At 50ft coordinated use of rudder and lateral control is used to align the aircraft with the RW CL, this results in a slight bank into crosswind so the into wind wheel touches down first"

Not a good week for the dash!

5th Mar 2011, 08:58
Is it just me or in these pictures the airbrakes aren't deployed on one side? Islandsk Flyuheld i Nuuk lufthavn (http://sermitsiaq.ag/galleri/article141273.ece) :confused:

5th Mar 2011, 09:05
Hasn't got any on either side to deploy

5th Mar 2011, 12:17

As far as I know they do, and seem to be deployed when the aircraft lines up until it begins its take off roll.

Always wondered about that and if anyone could clarify the reasons I would be much obliged!

Looks strange from behind to see an aircraft lined up on the runway with speedbrakes deployed both sides!

Photos: De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Flybe---British/De-Havilland-Canada/1874709/L/&sid=8605f145d998474a4527ac5d65ca399f)

5th Mar 2011, 12:35
Sure this has been done before - I think W oW and throttle angle?

5th Mar 2011, 12:49
Jesus, you wouldn't want whatever system that retracts them at the start of the T/O roll to fail, would you? Could have disastrous implications!


5th Mar 2011, 14:01
They are not air brakes, as they cannot (or rather should not) be deployed in the air. They are Ground Spoilers. In the cockpit, there is a Flight/Taxi switch which operates them. When lining up for departure, this switch is placed in the Flight position. This causes the Ground Spoilers to deploy. As the Power Levers are advanced beyond 15.5 degrees Power Lever Angle, logic lowers them. On landing, with the Power Levers below 15.5 degrees PLA, and nosewheel on the ground, the conditions are met for them to be deployed.

This system is found on the DHC8's 100 and 400. Beats me as to why they are not on the 300's. The difference on the 400's however, is the logic depends on the main landing gear, not the nose. I stand corrected however as I only know about the 100/300's.

5th Mar 2011, 14:48
Switch up, spoilers down, autofeather armed. It's been over 16 years, but that call is still stuck in my head. Now if I could only remember where I put my wallet.

5th Mar 2011, 15:43

Thanks, I can no more sleepless nights for me!


Sorry, I took it, needed the cash!

5th Mar 2011, 18:41
Just a little remark regarding the spoilers on the DH8 series. As has been mentioned, on the DH8-400 they have two functions: as lift dumpers when WOW is sensed and the throttles are below a certain angle, and also as augmentors to the ailerons (a little side note: they are connected to the L/H yoke while the R/H side has the ailerons; normally they are mechanically connected below the control columns but can be disconnected in case of a control jam). The ground/flight switch has been mentioned as well. From the pictures, it seems to me however, that the aircraft involved here is a -300 series, and here things are a bit different. The spoilers do not work as lift dumpers on this series; they are only used as aileron supplements. So the asymmetric position might well result from the pilots attempt to keep the wings level as long as possible via the aileron.

5th Mar 2011, 21:56
The Dash 8 pictured here is indeed a Dash 8-100.
As a note this could easily have gone way more wrong, because the aircraft rest less than 5 meters from the edge which drops between 10 and 50 meters along the length of the runway at an angle of 70 to 80 degrees. The other length of the runway has a road alongside it, along with office buildings and three hangars.
Eiher end of the runway have very little runoff, runway 05 has a drop of approx. 50 meters down to a road, while 23 has a bit more but ending in elevated terrain of approx.3-4 meters and after that a drop into jagged rocks/cliffs.
The full length of the runway is 950 meters.

5th Mar 2011, 23:30
According to what I have been told, the wheel departed, bounced up and hit the nacelle.

6th Mar 2011, 06:06
Wheel Bearing Failure on Takeoff
According to what I have been told, the wheel departed, bounced up and hit the nacelle.

According to this link, they're all there, well except maybe the nosewheels as they seem to be buried in the bulk.

Vísir - Farþegar í Nuuk grétu í flugstöðinni (http://visir.is/farthegar-i-nuuk-gretu-i-flugstodinni/article/2011110309325)

6th Mar 2011, 10:56
From the pictures its too hard to tell if the gear collapsed, or simply sunk into the deeper snow.

With regards the 'airbrakes', as has been mentioned above they are simply 'Lift Spoilers', used on the ground only.

If the engines are shut down with the spoilers still extended, they remain in the deployed (up) position, but will gradually drop as the hydraulic pressure drops off. Nearly always asymmetric too. The emergency checklist calls for shutting the aircraft down in this condition.

The system is rough and ready, as mentioned there is a flight/taxi switch, we tell the aircraft what phase it is. In taxi mode, the spoilers remain locked down. In flight mode, two conditions have to be met for them to deploy; weight on wheels, with power lever angle below (a value, cant remember what it is... something like 35º). Seeing the spoilers pop up on line up is a functionality check. Likewise, as we set power we must see them retract or the take off is to be abandoned.

If you attempt to depart with the switch set to taxi, as soon as the power lever angle passes 65º the switch flicks by itself to 'flight'.

EDIT: Ooops... found picture 10 on one of those links, ok so the gear DID collapse. It has retracted more or less on it longitudinal axis, so less likely to be a result of the accident, more likely a cause IMHO

6th Mar 2011, 17:35
More pictures from the removal of the A/C from the runway.
Air Iceland fly flyttet fra landingsbanen (http://sermitsiaq.ag/galleri/article141324.ece)

12th Mar 2011, 17:08
Spoliers seen on the pictures are Roll Spoilers, which on the DHC8-100, depending on Mod Status, can be used as groundspoilers (rollspoilers in grnd mode) activated by WOW on all wheels, and Pwr levers below 12 deg above Flight Idle.
In flight they provide roll controll together with ailersons.
While lining up for departure flight/taxi switch is selected to flight, and spoliers will extend until Power levers are advanced.

Some aircrafts also have separate Ground spoilers which are located more or less behind the prop (not outboard as seen on the pictures)

For the main landing gear on the dhc8, they have a fuse pin which is designed to break at a certain load, to prevent further damage to wing and fuel tank. MLG will collapse and be pushed up through nacelle.
This fuespin is prone to break if ac is touched down with excessive crab angle. The dhc8 should be landed wing low and aligned with rwy cl.