View Full Version : Whos got the oldest?

5th Feb 2001, 08:58
A couple of spotters and I were trying to figure out who (what airline) has,

A) the longest serving Livery? and

B) the longest serving logo?

Any ideas out there? we were all at a loss

6th Feb 2001, 17:34
Probably KLM or Qantas - being the oldest airlines in the english and non english speaking world respecitvely, although QF has changed its logo format, it has consistently had a kangaroo included in it and I think that KLM has always had a crown as a part of the Royal Dutch Airlines livery!

7th Feb 2001, 11:53
We also Monarch and Ethiopian come up.

7th Feb 2001, 15:13
What a shame that the old Speedbird only lives on as a callsign. As a logo, it had the lot: simple, expressive of the product, instantly recognisable.

7th Feb 2001, 15:29
hasn't american airlines had the same for a long time http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/confused.gif

Follow your dream! Unless it's the one where you're at work in your underwear during a fire drill!

8th Feb 2001, 06:32
Monarch's logo is really old, but the actual livery has changed a million times. American, yeah, they've had the same livery for quite a while!!! United have had the same logo for a long time, just different livery. Good luck!! :)

strix uralensis
8th Feb 2001, 14:40
kranich, the crane of the lufthansa logo was designed 1919 by otto fierle originally for deutsche luft-reederei and has been used by deutsche lufthansa since 1926, must be one of the oldest logos,

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