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14th Apr 2001, 03:34
Any truth in this rumour ?

If so, where it's going to based and who is it flying for ?

14th Apr 2001, 18:41
You said the word.....rumour.

Definitely not this year.

14th Apr 2001, 18:42
I heard it was Titan at STN ?

Honest Frank
15th Apr 2001, 00:12
I've heard this also from a reliable source-based at Stansted.The 146's they were getting are no more.

15th Apr 2001, 03:18
I too also heard it was Titan

The Legend lives on ... OpsBoy !!!!

15th Apr 2001, 21:16
Is this 757 actually at STN now? Titan have been looking at the 757 for a long time. I'm sure it will do well when it does eventually arrive! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/cool.gif

16th Apr 2001, 01:40
I have heard from reliable sources in BWA that they are LOOKING at the possibility of obtaining a 757, possibly next year, but with all the possible changes surrounding the 146's, anything could happen.

Titan are a regular sight in ABZ at the moment, and must be making a fortune from all the Brymon flights they are doing. They've had their ATR's, 146's and 737's standing in for the Dash-8, I'm sure the passengers wouldn't complain arriving early!!

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