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21st Dec 2010, 14:12
Any other news about this one?

Ryanair plane evacuated in Kerry - RTÉ News (http://www.rte.ie/news/2010/1221/ryanair.html)

Sober Lark
21st Dec 2010, 14:46
Well pee, any YouTube shots of this scrum? Don't you just despise all that rushing?

I'd imagine it probably reinforces ones insurance claim if one somehow manages to hurt oneself on the escape slide and no doubt one or two did so.

21st Dec 2010, 16:46
Aircraft was EI-ENB, which was a fairly new machine. Here's a report from the Aviation Herald:

Accident: Ryanair B738 at Kerry on Dec 21st 2010, evacuation injures 2 (http://avherald.com/h?article=434f6da7&opt=0)

Che Guevara
21st Dec 2010, 17:52
Residual fluid from previous deicing entering the APU perhaps?

21st Dec 2010, 19:55
Without wishing to prejudge. . . . last thing one should do on a Ryanair thread :rolleyes: seems at the outset perhaps a bit keen initiating an evacuation via slides for some fumes in the cockpit / or indeed cabin. Smoke or fire hell yes, but fumes :hmm:

21st Dec 2010, 20:27
How many evacuations have Ryanair had over the last few years?

21st Dec 2010, 20:54
How about with all this grit and sand lying on the runway...short as Kerry is there can be a tendency to be over -exuberant with the Thrust reversers including late stowage and didn't this happen to Ryanair a few years ago in Torp??. Point me to Paddy Power I need odds on this one :ok:

A and C
21st Dec 2010, 22:27
I am not the worlds biggest fan of Ryanair by a long way but this thread is turning into another anti-Ryanair rant and this is only post number eight!

Insted of the "evacuation in error" that you all seem to be pointing to have any of you considered that the fumes were an electrical problem? or an air conditioning problem?..................... I only offer these as an alternative to the hints of a Ryanair cock up above, simply because at this stage I don't have a clue what sorce the smoke/fumes came from and nor do any of the posters above.

Like me you will all have to wait for the authoritys to investigate and report, but by then it will be old news and we can all move on to the next anti-Ryanair story.

Just for the record I to think that MOL is the worst thing to happen to aviation in the last thirty years but that is no reason to start slagging his pilots with not a shred of evidence.

21st Dec 2010, 23:03
Thank you A and C:D

Phileas Fogg
21st Dec 2010, 23:27
The worst thing to happen to aviation in the last thirty years is that Bin Laden character ..... MOL comes second place but I stand to be corrected!

21st Dec 2010, 23:33
It was a STN plane that had the incident with a very experienced and popular training CP in LHS. It was apparently the last day at work for the poor unfortunate purser. I don't think it was anything like the JetBlue incident. Electrical smell is word is crewroom. Air accidents people on site with the aircraft.

A and C
22nd Dec 2010, 05:08
Bin Laden is the worst thing to happen to the world with his perverted form of thinking that tricks the young, uneducated and vunerable to commiting acts of terror for him.

MOL is just a selfish business man with no morals what so ever, he is an aviation problem, the Bin Laden problem is much wider than aviation.

22nd Dec 2010, 09:15
How much were the SLF charged to use the emergency slides rather than waiting for steps to arrive? :E
Seasons greetings everyone

22nd Dec 2010, 10:02
The Ryanair jokes weren't funny 10 years ago, they are just tedious, predictable and boring now.

22nd Dec 2010, 11:13
The smoke/fumes could have come from residue from a runway de-icing procedure. A lot of salt/grit powdery residue is present on the runway surface which can be ingested into the aircraft bleed air system on landing when reverse thrust is initiated.

22nd Dec 2010, 11:24
.....fume/smoke in cabin: switch off packs and wait a bit. see what is going on with the fume in the cabin. its imho better than rush into a obviously not required evac.

one is airmanship and experience the other one is just blindfold rush into proecedures - like a monkey
- pay peanuts treat your crews like monkeys as and that is what you get then..
anyway let's wait and see for the outcome then, if there is any

D O Guerrero
22nd Dec 2010, 11:30
Airbus you have no idea what actually happened, so why don't you just shut your hole until you do?

22nd Dec 2010, 13:51

...and on all easyJet departures too!

22nd Dec 2010, 16:03
Can't vouch for the reliability of the report but "Black smoke" mentioned...

Air passengers evacuated after smoke fills cabin - National News, Frontpage - Independent.ie (http://www.independent.ie/national-news/air-passengers-evacuated-after-smoke-fills-cabin-2470014.html)

Passenger Richard Hartnett said there was "panic" on board when passengers saw "black smoke" coming from the cockpit. He said people fled the scene in terror after firemen told them to "keep running".

"The whole cabin filled up with a fog and it felt like five minutes had passed before anyone did anything," Mr Hartnett told the Irish Independent.

Torque Tonight
22nd Dec 2010, 17:00
It's unfortunate that any topic in any way related to RYR instantly gets sabotaged with the type of drivel seen above. There's little to say without knowing the facts, but that doesn't seem to some who jump straight in guns blazing.:rolleyes:

Latest reports of black smoke in the cabin would point to this evacuation not being an unneccesary one, and I wouldn't expect an experienced LTC to pop the chutes lightly.

As for the 'humour', it's pretty stale by now and not very constructive on a serious thread. In fact, perhaps the mods could sticky a new thread in which they can just dump all that crap.:ugh:

22nd Dec 2010, 22:10
I would hate to be a Ryanair pilot. I would automatically be labelled as "inadequate" purely based on the company I work for.

go around flaps15
22nd Dec 2010, 23:42
Well a lot of them are good enough for BA, Emirates, Etihad, I only know too well I have seen many of them walk these last few months. But of course like anything with Ryanair the pilots ability comes into question always if anything goes wrong.

No trial . Straight away the two guys/gals up the front got it wrong.

Some "pilots" on here beggar belief.


23rd Dec 2010, 00:29
People need to give Ryanair a break. If it was any other airline a big deal wouldn't be made about it but just because it's a low cost carrier people always think the worst. People also need to remenber that Ryanair have the youngest aircraft fleet in Europe and they are one of the safest airlines to fly with.

23rd Dec 2010, 07:15
If this thread is anything to go by, it's not surprising that staff don't trust management to apply 'no blame' principles.

Some of you guys have the crew found guilty and punished before the investigation even begins!!


A and C
23rd Dec 2010, 09:30
I would like to refer to post #8 on this thread, it would seem that most of the posting idiots are so anti-Ryanair that they don't read the whole thread but are just happy to jump in with both feet with a rant.

Most of the stuff they say is pooly informed and has no hard evidence to back it up.........................the rest of what they have to say is pure rubbish rehashed from the rubbish they read on this forum.

Oh! and I still don't like the way MOL conducts his business.........but I do like well considered opinion based hard evidence.

23rd Dec 2010, 13:32
Without any reference to the Kerry mishap, FR pilots are now reminded by Cheif Pilot that ingestion of runway anti-/deice agents may manifest itself as blue smoke in the flightdeck and/or cabin.

23rd Dec 2010, 15:06
Hey folks,
My good friend was aboard this flight returning home to Kerry for xmas.
I asked him a few questions about the experience and below are some of his responses via email....

"I slept for the entire flight as had a late one the night before and damn Desperados (beer & tequila) took alot out of me! Woke up when pilot said cabin crew 10 mins to landing. Bit of a bumpy landing but no more unusual than any time I have landed in Kerry as runway is small. we were turning into the airport and I could smell smoke so looked out to the wing, then looked up to cabin and it was filling with smoke. Plane then shut down i.e. lights went off and engine cut out. Pilot came on intercom to say everyone remain seated. To then come on 10 seconds later to say emergency evacuation everybody get out of the plane. Grabbed my bag and went towards exit to see disturbed looking crew and slid down the inflatable thingy. (a bit like last scene of Die Hard!!) fireman at the end of slide said to just run and get away from the plane so I just went through terminal as didnt fancy going into snow filled field! and then had a pint to be joined by a few people who needed a brandy to calm their nerves.
Some were shouting and grown men were crying afterwards. When we slid down the firemen were telling everyone to run away from the plane and some people were running into fields!!
The two(Cabin crew) I dealt with were very shaken but they got everyone off efficiently. There was an elderly woman on a wheelchair that took quite a while to get off though.
All baggage was bought to the front of the building for people to collect within an hour. I had to wait 30 mins for a barman to show up to serve me a pint!"

23rd Dec 2010, 15:29
If you see smoke and are asked to leave, it does not seem smart to "grab your bag". I give benefit of the doubt and assume it was not in the overhead locker.:(

23rd Dec 2010, 15:34
couldn't agree more.. shouldn't have taken the bag, but I am just passing on the info.

Torque Tonight
23rd Dec 2010, 16:43
Grabbed my bag:ugh:

And yes, I do realise you are just quoting someone else, but still :ugh:

23rd Dec 2010, 21:38
Don't blame him for grabbing his bag. Would probably do the same as I often carry a great deal of valuables and sensitive information when I travel.

23rd Dec 2010, 21:41
Airbus A321 - you may want to acquaint yourself with the Saudia L1011 incident from the early 80s. By the time the captain had taxied in, rather than stopping on the rwy, all the pax were dead.

23rd Dec 2010, 23:59

Well said !!!!!

Second quessing 2 professional pilots who deem it necessary to evacuate is not just bad manners but shows a real lack of professionalism.

No pilot I have ever met / known will push into doing an emergency evacuation unless they have considered everything else.

Torque Tonight
24th Dec 2010, 00:34
Don't blame him for grabbing his bag. Would probably do the same as I often carry a great deal of valuables and sensitive information when I travel.

Please don't, if it ever happens to you. People worrying about their valuables and trying to take their luggage with them can potentially cost the lives of those behind them in the cabin. It's an emergency evacuation for :mad: sake!

British Airtours Flight 28M - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Airtours_Flight_28M)

24th Dec 2010, 07:36
Been following the above discussion and just wanted to add my tupence worth. The crews' priority is passenger safety first, and thats what they've been trained to do. No hesitation. Lives first, even in doubt, everything else is secondary. The crew did the right thing, and as someone correctly pointed out, look what happened with the Saudia incident. Bashing the crew is unfair, and stupid. They are all highly trained professionals, and recieve the same training, irrespective of the airline and pay conditions. I am of course refering to European and North American pilots.
As for carrying out baggage with you in an emergency, yes of course its stupid and dangerous, especially if its in the overheads, however, being a serious photographer, when I'm flying I always have my camera by my feet or in my lap and snapping out of the window. In an (touch wood it doesn't happen) emergency I would probably throw the camera strap over my neck before running out. Not because of the value, but being next to an emergency situation I would want the camera in my hands to record what is happening, not stuck up there in the plane.
I was wondering, with these emergency evacuations, why does everyone clamour for the inflatable chutes at the two doors, why are the overwing emergency exits not used ? When everyone is clamouring in a 'queue' to get out of the doors, isn't it quicker to also have people exit via the overwings ?

24th Dec 2010, 14:09
A 321 must be one very smug pilot, flying for any airline other then Ryanair, and on a nice shiny Airbus no less. Unfortunately, all that smugness hasn't imbued the fellow with one iota of common sense or even any evidence of that thing we used to call airmanship.

As mentioned earlier, the L1011 fatal accident should be required study for all pilots, something A 321 evidently hasn't seen.

one is airmanship and experience the other one is just blindfold rush into proecedures - like a monkey
- pay peanuts treat your crews like monkeys as and that is what you get then..
anyway let's wait and see for the outcome then, if there is any

What makes you think that Ryaniar pay peanuts? In front of me is my tax coding from 2007-08 showing an income of £108607 and it was all from Ryanair, no other source.

Read rubbish, write rubbish, as proved by A321.

As for the comment about waiting for the outcome, well, please practice what you preach. Heaven preserve us from the likes of such an unpleasant and biggoted individual.

24th Dec 2010, 15:37
rubik 101
You are assuming that Airbus a321 is a pilot flying an Airbus. For all he tells us about himself he is just as likely to be a Micro Soft flt sim expert. I am happy to put some details of my background in my profile, as are you, but a lot of people put nothing, which always makes me wonder why.

24th Dec 2010, 17:14
Some of you guys have the crew found guilty and punished before the investigation even begins!!

Could be that those that are so critical of FR...were the same ones that applied through the HR front door, and promptly shown the exit.:}:ooh:

24th Dec 2010, 17:28
Look, I bet the mods remove this, and for heaven's sake don't click to play on the youtube link if you are easily offended; but if even one person gets to see this and laugh as much as I did, it'll be a decent Christmas present to the members.

YouTube - Hitler Ryanair Rant (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0rxASx1SxY)

Happy Christmas, all.

Sober Lark
24th Dec 2010, 17:46
IMHO, to err on the slide of caution wasn't such a bad decision.

25th Dec 2010, 13:59
If they do delete the direct link, they will probably leave this, just go to YouTube and search for Hitler & Ryanair, an unlikely combo but hilarious nonetheless! Brilliant stuff.
I note that the clip has been used several times for other such sketches, none of them as good as this one though.

25th Dec 2010, 15:02
Well, we now know for sure:

The smoke that developed during the taxi-in phase of the flight to Kerry was due to ingestion of runway de-icing agents. This was confirmed by a note on the company pilot website, without any reference to the Kerry incident.

In other words the evacuation of an aircraft while approaching the terminal and without an indication of uncontained fire or otherwise structural integrity problems - probably not such a brilliant idea.

25th Dec 2010, 15:43
We know for sure? Admittedly, it's highly probable that the aircraft ingested runway de-iceing agents. I've read the post on Crewdock, however this does not confirm what happened in Kerry. Shall we wait for the report on this one before we set anything in stone?

26th Dec 2010, 00:14
YO DUDE are you working with BOEING to re-write the emergency procedures for the 737?

Anytime the smoke or fumes becomes the
greatest threat:

Go to the Smoke or Fumes Removal
checklist on page 8.18

good thing your probably only flying the 737 on flight sim x
leave those decisions to highly trained flight crews

27th Dec 2010, 04:45
d105, and how long did it take for you to be sure they got it wrong?

While I sit here in my smoke and fume filled cockpit, can you call the tower and ask them to send someone out to check whether the runway is contaminated with de-iceing fluid? Thanks, I'll just sit here and wait until they call me back.
Did we ever get that second cup of coffee? Maybe we can have it now while we wait for the news from ATC.

Ah, thanks for that. So, no fluid on the runway then he says, I wonder what else it could be then?

Call the No 1 and see if there's a problem in the cabin? No reply? I wonder why?

I can't see the door through all this smoke to tell you whether that smoke is coming in from the cabin or here in the cockpit and going into the cabin, maybe you could go and look?

If and when it happens to you d105, will you sit there and tell your fellow pilot, it's probably de-iceing fluid, nothing to worry about. Or maybe it isn't, maybe it's a fire in the roof lining or under the floor or ...... boom!

When someone wants your opinion on a matter of life and death, be sure to give the safest option otherwise you might also be on the list of deceased.

27th Dec 2010, 07:06
The smoke that developed during the taxi-in phase of the flight to Kerry was due to ingestion of runway de-icing agents.

Kerry not part of the BAA assets then? ;)

27th Dec 2010, 07:18
Without comment on this incident, it is not uncommon for airlines to instruct 'bleeds off' for landing on winter runways where fluids have been applied to the surface (which is most of them, UK anyway) to avoid ingestion.

That procedure would eliminate rubik's uncertainties.

27th Dec 2010, 08:36
Rubik101, since I know the smell of heated de-icing agents from 5 years of volunteering at the national airport, I'd probably identify that smell quite quickly.

Perhaps it would help if Ryanair would invest in some actually fire training so their people can tell the difference between electrical fire smoke, gasoline based fire smoke and de-icing fumes.

Regardless, it's not me you need to vent your indignation to. The Ryanair TRAINING DEPARTMENT states that evacuation in cases where no uncontained fire is obvious (fire outside the fire cages of the APU or engines) or where the structural integrity of the aircraft is obviously sound, evacuation is not recommended.

27th Dec 2010, 11:29
Not recommended, but not not necessary, it leaves open questions for a reason, that statement on paper would be very useful as a paper hat in court defending your actions to stay on board with a possible fire.

I think its really simple, they had smoke, were unsure,, so got the F*** out of dodge!

Why do we need more than that on the pilots? yes maybe training needs to be looked at, and I bet my next 11 pay cheques it will be! for sure ill see this in an RST now.

But, they were not happy, they were stopped on a nice flat bit of runway with 4 working slides and they got out of there before guessing turned into lives.

Necessary or Unnecessary a job well done in my eyes :ok:

go around flaps15
27th Dec 2010, 23:59
Finally some commen sense. Finally.

28th Dec 2010, 00:17
The last two winters in Europe has seen thousands of flights operating on runways covered in various agents used for snow/ice removal, all without getting filled with smoke.
I've heard of aircraft getting smoke in the cabin because they forgot to turn off bleeds during aircraft deice, but never because of agents on the runway.
It's certainly not a Boeing 737 procedure to switch off bleeds when you land on a "winter runway".

Job well done, IMHO.:ok:

28th Dec 2010, 07:35
It's certainly not a Boeing 737 procedure to switch off bleeds when you land on a "winter runway".- it appeared in the BA 737 order book (probably around 2000) following, I think, a similar incident without an evacuation. No idea if it is still there..

eastern wiseguy
28th Dec 2010, 10:02
it appeared in the BA 737 order book (probably around 2000) following, I think, a similar incident without an evacuation. No idea if it is still there..

It was an instruction to ATC to advise British Midland if the runway had been de iced with certain chemicals as they had had fumes in the aircraft (memory prevents me from naming the chemicals)..and that was certainly pre 2000 .

28th Dec 2010, 10:13
Lets start with dried Urea and Glycol. particularly stinks when you put it through a hot bleed air system. all that cattle and pig piss going into your lungs, yum yum., forget about being unfriendly to the enviroment, how about unpleasent and unfriendly to my nose. Wellat least you wont get icicles hanging from your nose in chilly weather.

29th Dec 2010, 12:53
There are some photos from the local paper, The Kerryman, which show the FA evacuating down the slide.

Carrying bag, lucozade and other things. She is also wearing heels (low).

New rules ?


29th Dec 2010, 14:06
I read this thread rather surprised at some rather ridiculous statements. Clearly some of you know nothing of why smoke and fumes in the cabin is a good reason for evacuation. Obviously they never heard of the Saudia tragedy some years ago. Probably because it hasn't been covered by the Discovery Channel yet!

I was glad to see that someone pointed out that every airport in Northern Europe have had de-icing agents applied for the last couple of weeks. If that's the cause then why has it happened only once or has there been multiple reports of fumes in the cabin? It's far to early to jump to conclusions.

But there was one incident which may get someone into trouble. Featured on the front of the local paper was this:


Apart from being rather undignified she can clearly be seen clutching her handbag, Lucozade and is wearing her high heels. Oh dear!

29th Dec 2010, 18:13
I would actually imagine that what she is clutching so carefully (and not interfering with the evacuation since she was probably the last one out) was in fact the bar takings!

I have always respected BOAC's postings and I do not doubt that BA warned him at some obscure point in his career that the 737 could just possibly pick up some possible contamination into the air conditioning system and cause fumes.

I personally would like to see this safety notice for it was never dangled under my nose.

I spent the better part of 40 years landing on contaminated runways in aeroplanes varying from the AW Argosy through the DC-10 to the BAe-146 and I never once heard of picking up fumes from the cat's pee on the runway nor did it EVER happen to me.

Certainly it was essential to switch off your air systems whilst being de-iced; every idiot knows this; but I would love to see an instruction that tells me to de-pressurise the aircraft on finals in case we pick up fumes from the runway
during the landing run.

29th Dec 2010, 18:18
Lucozade , her handbag and her high heels , i love it

29th Dec 2010, 19:46
JW - I'm sure you are right about the bar takings:)

Cannot help with the 'bleeds' order - it definitely happened, but is now lost in the mists of history. Maybe someone else can help? I assume it was thought up to address reversers still deployed at too low a forward speed. I confess to not giving much attention to its implementation. Like you I have had no problems there.

Sky Wave
29th Dec 2010, 19:48
Think you'll find that the lucozade is a loud hailer!


29th Dec 2010, 20:31
Are people stupid? Lucozade????????


29th Dec 2010, 21:57
Now you've done it, VJW! Ruined a perfectly good FR bashing!

I'm sure all you folks can come up with a reason why she brought the money bag, a megaphone and high heels when she jumped the slide?
Megaphone? Maybe to get in touch with the company without using a phone? FR are not exactly in the habit of answering calls from their crew. They might call in sick, so better not pick up.
High heels and money? Party time?

30th Dec 2010, 07:48
The stunts some of you pilots will pull in an attempt to get an 'up the skirt' shot of a hostie!!

30th Dec 2010, 09:21
Well I'm RYR myself, so have to stick up for our own don't you think?

In addition, it almost looks like this pic has been photoshopped to add her shoes on. Don't think the wicked witch of the west shoes are standard uniform issue normally....

Wouldn't surprise me at all if they added the shoes on to bash RYR a little bit more!

30th Dec 2010, 10:39
Loud hailer is to be takem off in order to be able to call the wandering pax to order, not just for a laugh.
The bag will be the daily first aid kit, another useful bit of kit.
As for the 'shoes'. if you look closely her feet are unshod, the dark shapes, which would be about a size 10/48 if real, are simply part of the slide.
Lucoazade! How effing dim do you have to be to get that wrong?

31st Dec 2010, 02:34
Of course they won't apologise.
These are the people who join pprune and enter FR or Ryanair in the search facitlity on a daily basis and then post drivel simply to have a bash at a company about which they very obviosuly know very little.
If it's not the inadequate training or the stupid cabin crew it's the dumb, inexperienced pilots let loose on crappy (but often brand-new) machines and taking home peanuts of around £90k in the left seat.
I wonder what drives these plebs to such lengths?
Ignorance and/or jealousy are my two penn'orth.

Situation handled safely, no-one died, end of story.

31st Dec 2010, 11:39
Having made hundreds of flights with multiple carriers over the past few years I have to say it has always been the Ryanair cabin crews that have impressed me most with their attention to detail and focus on safety when securing the cabin.

On my most recent flight the cabin crew had the pilots stop the plane on the taxiway when a group of passengers were ignoring the safety demonstration. They soon stopped talking and paid attention once they realised the plane wouldn't be going anywhere until they did.