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Next Generation PSR
11th Apr 2001, 16:05
Excel Airways is now officially launched, you can see the launch party pics on www.excelairways.com (http://www.excelairways.com)

Any opinions?

2 Liter Peter
11th Apr 2001, 16:17
Hope they quickly get round to painting the aircraft like the pretty website picture. One wondered to whom the anonymous white-body G-XLAA belonged last week down the routes.

Good luck, guys and gals. RIP, Sabre Airways

Desk Driver
11th Apr 2001, 19:23
It's now painted

I saw inside it the other day. Drop down TV screens and things plus Wipe Clean leather seats.....Very nice!

You fly em we'll fill em!

12th Apr 2001, 02:50
Wow! Yet another really inventive livery. Wonder how much they paid for that. What the heck, they're just blips to us. :) :)

12th Apr 2001, 23:49
Careful Avman! Todays blip is tomorrows major competitor! They're not wasting any money on pilot salaries anyway!

13th Apr 2001, 01:12
If Mike O'Donovan is still running the flying team, then you have one of the best in the business, and won't go wrong.

Best of luck to Excelair.

14th Apr 2001, 00:04
Monday was a wonderful day all-round as everyone enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to a great summer 2001 http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/cool.gif!!
G-XLAD is resplendent in our new colours (leather seats will be permanent w.e.f 1st May). ZK leaves us to go back to Transavia later this month. With our own a/c being re-painted at various times over the coming months...can't wait for an "on-time season" :)
Our offices are being refurbished and a great atmosphere and feeling of intrepadation is in everyone!!
"Our aim is to Excel!!" :) :)

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