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Up Front
10th Apr 2001, 14:29
Falling into the category of a wannabe I though I would defect for a spell and try to gleam some info from the professionals.
Can anyone enlighten me on the subject of age concern. No not the charity but the question of how old is too old. Now I believe that training is not a problem irrespective of age (to a degree) but what are the prospects of employment once qualified. What is the age at which airlines begin to cast aside your CV on account of age. I am 31 and just commencing the leap of faith into the flying world. Obviously I have concerns with the possiblity of finding a job afterwards (and explaining it all to an at the moment supportive wife!)
Can any of you guys and gals supply any info on this subject. Ta

One day

Angus Meecoat
10th Apr 2001, 15:01
Don't know how long Danny and the other moderators will let you stay on R&N with this subject as its been thrahed to death on Wannabes lots of times. Lots of us "professionals ???" read wannabes aswell.

If you want it bad enough go for it, you'll regret it in years to come if you don't.
You must of course consider age but I personally do not think its as big an issue as it was a few years ago. There is plenty of recruitment going on these days across the board and likely to be so for the forseeable future according to most sources.
I also don't think you will have a problem at say 33 when you finish training.
I was 38 when I started 5 years ago and I invested in the Cap 509 route. I've now been flying 73s for the last two years having been employed at 41.
Good Luck