View Full Version : Ground Collision at KBOS

10th Apr 2001, 11:34
From Airwise.com :

Apr 9, 2001

An American Airlines 767 jet bound for Orlando and a 737 Delta Shuttle bound for New York from Boston Logan Airport clipped wings this morning, slightly damaging both planes.

No one was injured, said Phil Orlandella, spokesman for Massport, which runs the airport.

Passenger Michael Mokrzycki, a systems editor for The Associated Press, said the Delta plane was waiting to take off when it was hit. He first thought the plane was shaken by a gust of wind.

"The captain got on the horn and said, 'We had a little fender-bender.'"

The tip of the right wing was sheared off on the American plane, Mokrzycki said.

Orlandella said the Delta plane had pulled over on a taxiway to allow the American plane behind it to pass. The American plane's right wing clipped the Delta plane's left horizontal stabilizer.