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10th Apr 2001, 02:48
Heard a rumour tonight that Eastern Airways, (Humberside based JS32 operator) are in serious trouble.
Gossip has it, (and I hope its just gossip) that they are over committed on routes, dont have the crews, and are plagued by unservicabilities.
Anyone care to comment?

10th Apr 2001, 12:48
The Aberdeen Flight flies over my gaff every
night - on-time

They are not advertising

Quelle probleme

U R NumberOne
10th Apr 2001, 15:15
Eastern's J32s seem to be everywhere at Aberdeen since the Summer schedules came in. Although they have only taken over routes others have developed and then dropped, the rate of expansion over the past year has been significant.

I hope nothing is wrong at HUY but such dramatic expansion has been the death of many airlines before now. The lack of advertising is another interesting point.

10th Apr 2001, 16:02
Recently at ABZ some collegues observed Eastern Airways staff aproaching passengers who had come off a rival flight from HUY, they appeared to suggest that this rival was not up to scratch, and that they would be best advised on their next flight to book with Eastern, who apperently had more flights and cheaper fares.
This seems pretty desperate measures to me, do they have the permission of the BAA to do this ??????
I am interested to hear some views on this


10th Apr 2001, 19:13
Certainly at ABZ I have witnessed little evidence of Eastern being "plagued by unserviceabilities". Highland Airways has been employed a couple of times to operate the WIK service, but nothing more signifcant than that.

Certainly the aircraft are busy, but there seems to be sufficient "slack" in the system - each lunchtime two aircraft have a break at ABZ for a while (usually one in a hangar, one on remote parking).

Again, as far as I am aware load factors are good and the company enjoys a good passenger reputation.

I sincerely hope nothing is going wrong, as Eastern has been good for Aberdeen and all the east coast airports it serves.

Best of luck to 'em all.


Frank Warren
10th Apr 2001, 19:17
Did not hear anything this morning, but talking to a J32 Skipper last week, he did not seem to think that Eastern would make it to the summer.

Massive morale problems, major concern over engineering issues and the general concern that what is the point of increasing schedules to carry 3 or 4 pax. Not to mention that creditors are hovering (his words not mine) seem to indicate to him, that the writting is on the wall. He also told us that they are being hammered on the ABZ-HUY flights by Bond/Gamma who increased their frequencies at the same time, so the dirty tricks campaign (which I too had heard about) seems to have backfired badly.
They are also loosing crew at an amazing rate.

After the BA/Virgin thing, is there not an Airport by-law banning touting or this sort of practise on Airport sites ?????

Frank Warren
Its Shoooooooooooooooooooooooowtime !!!!!!

10th Apr 2001, 20:52
They are recruiting and load
factors are apparantly good

13th Apr 2001, 21:59
Great People

Good Fun

Loads over 60%

Quelle Probleme !!!!

23rd Apr 2001, 04:41
Bitch bitch bitch. It really is unbelievable how nasty some guys can be. Here we have a cracking company that has good organic growth (look it up) for the past few years, has wisely and profitably expanded it's route network and fleet within it's capabilities, has an enviable reputation as being one of the nicest atmospheres to work in at EVERY base, and what do we get? An alleged statement of disinformation from FW who frankly if he spent more time finding out the facts (check the accounts buddy) and less time pouring vitriole would do us all a favour and go back to Captaining his barge down the Manchester Ship Canal, because THATs all he's fit for.
I should certainly be more worried about 3 major Airlines whose share performance is giving more concern (check FT), and frightening expansion plans elsewhere than small but beautiful Eastern. Great place to work and REAL flying my friend http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

23rd Apr 2001, 16:46
Another week, another thread slagging Eastern, and yet more completely unfounded allegations/accusations from 1 posters recycled from earlier threads (not BombBay)which I will not repeat here. Suspicious ??

Is anyone else getting bored with this ?

The following are still matters of public record.

Eastern continue to operate reliably with good load factors.

Crews are moving around the whole industry from smaller to larger airlines.

There are still plenty of crews who are more than happy to fly the J31/32.

Oh and the passengers like the service the routes and the relibility. Where there is competition on the route Eastern do quite well thankyou, what does that tell you ?

There is no investigation into poaching passengers and talking down the opposition, these incidents did not happen, whatever rumour control says and however much some may have liked them too.

There are obviously people out there who like nothing better than to stir up trouble for Eastern, use the search facility and you will see this. Meanwhile we have a complete lack of any real evidence to substantiate any of these allegations or rumours. Again I say ask yourself who would benefit from seeing Eastern damaged ?

23rd Apr 2001, 17:12
57... (if I may use that diminutive!? :))

Yep, Eastern seem to be getting similar treatment to that which Gill have been receiving for over a year.

Being an ex-Kilroe person, I know many of your people personally. I got out shortly after the merger. The betting then was that EZE wouldn't last long. The betting was off the money.

I'm glad it was wrong, and that many people are now being employed to do what they want to do - to fly.

From within one of the few remaining independent regional UK airlines to another, good on you, long may Eastern survive and prosper.

As for your last question - who benefits from the independents going down - well, you need look no further than the evil empire, so that unless the independents hold out and survive, there will soon be a total monopoly on regional air transport in this country. This will not be a happy state of affairs from the punters' point of view, nor from that of pilots.

We don't all want to be little Nigel clones.

24th Apr 2001, 03:21
Very strange to read that the so called skipper at Eastern would know the goings on of the balance sheet, before the press get to hear of it......Crews are certainly not leaving left, right and centre. Great company to work for and great people too - all getting on with the job we love.....

Myk Hunt
24th Apr 2001, 19:06
Is eastern still relatad to Icelandic stockholders?