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9th Apr 2001, 23:26
Wuz having a couple of glasses of milk in SFO the other day with a couple of BA Rottweilers (well, someone has to) and they are real angry that the British CAA have accepted the BA proposal that female BA pilots are allowed to drink more alcohol before flying than female cabin crew. Apparently the girly flyers can keep up with the boy flyers but the Rottweilers have to stop earlier, and this upset my team 'cos they reckon they can (and do) drink anyone of them under the table.

Wouldn't happen where I come from, with our 'CAA'. At least the hand that serves the good old British tea is steady, eh?

Any 'Nigels' (male or female-or are they Nigellas?) got a comment?

Midnight Blue
10th Apr 2001, 02:26

10th Apr 2001, 02:32
Did you know that the word 'gullible' isn't in the English dictionary?

10th Apr 2001, 11:31
Names Gump, Forest Gump