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21st Nov 2001, 02:59
I am asking a very technical question which actually is hard to answer after much research. Do not assume this is leading to "conspiracy" theories, as actually I am trying to become informed so I can discard the possibility of a SAM strike in 587. I do find that when one mentions the word "stinger", objective analysis goes out the window and supposition comes in.

While I have heard many emphatic statements that it was not a stinger hit, I have heard no proof as to why it was not. "Facts" offered as to why it was not do not fit what little facts I do know about a Stinger but rather fit the person's Hollywood image of what a stinger hit is like.

The question:
What are the signs and forensics of A/C failure following a Stinger hit?

I am seeking expert miliary knowledge, not surmise.

What little I do know is that a stinger leaves little if any discernible missile trail as it travels at Mach 4. It has no "fireball" but a small contained photoflash like charge that is white, easily missed in bright daylight. It has no shrapnel as it depends on a shock wave to damage. It is small and contained blast, relatively speaking. It is heat seeking but proximity triggering, usually triggered as the missile discerns that is is starting to move away from the heat source, so in a strike aimed at a A/C flying directly overhead it will trigger aft and above the heat source. That in the majority of stinger hits there is usually no explosion but rather key parts of the A/C fall off and then a sharp vertical descent follows. Fire may break out but not always.

Can any military experts provide these forensics?

Is it appropriate to ask such a question in the context of the times?

Should such a question be asked and, perhaps more importantly, answered so as to avoid the long drawn out circus resulting from TWA 800. :confused: