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2nd Nov 2010, 21:26
Grimsvotn Volcano, Iceland
A possible eruption has begun at Grimsvotn volcano, Iceland. A flood has started in Gigja in south-east Iceland. The disturbance occurred under the Vatnajokull glacier near Grimsvotn Volcano on Sunday afternoon. There was an increase in flow of water by 30 cm but other rivers running from the glacier are dry. The flood may take 4-5 days to reach maximum. On Sunday the volume of water in Gigja was 130 cubic metres per second, and electrolyte levels double that of normal. Grimsvotn is the most active volcano in Iceland.

Volcano News - John Seach (http://www.volcanolive.com/news.html)


Drink Up Thee Cider
3rd Nov 2010, 12:59
This is the same one that blew in 2004 when there was a limited impact on slights to and from Iceland and some transatlantics. This from Wikipedia:

A week-long eruption occurred at Grímsvötn starting on 28 December 1998, but no glacial burst occurred. In November 2004, another eruption of about one week began. Volcanic ash (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volcanic_ash) from the eruption fell as far away as mainland Europe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europe) and caused short-term disruption of airline traffic into Iceland, but again no glacial burst followed the eruption

Don't want to be complacent but assuming its the same as then, the impact ought to be pretty minimal.

Lafyar Cokov
3rd Nov 2010, 13:47
Thank goodness that this one is more pronouncable than the last!!

Agaricus bisporus
3rd Nov 2010, 17:53
"Myrdasjokull" - the big one - is banging away hard earthquake wise and seems to have been getting busier and stronger in recent weeks.

Iceland Meteorological office - Earthquakes Mýrdalsjökull, Iceland (http://en.vedur.is/earthquakes-and-volcanism/earthquakes/myrdalsjokull/)

3rd Nov 2010, 19:13

Is that the same as Katla (sp?)?, the one said to erupt often in sympathy with the one that went bang earlier on this year?

3rd Nov 2010, 19:23
All the major bookmakers are offering odds of 8 - 1 or so on the date, time and even the height of the eruption and ash cloud.
Unconfirmed sources (whoever he is) state that some punters have placed as much as £100,000 on various spread bets.

Betting on the horses and hounds is one thing, but volcanos? :confused:

3rd Nov 2010, 21:39
Betting on the horses and hounds is one thing, but volcanos?
Consider this as your job insurance policy.

Agaricus bisporus
3rd Nov 2010, 22:44
Yes, Katla.