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9th Apr 2001, 10:43
A question to British colleagues by a EU citizen and a B737 Captain concerning the matter of the subject above. Is the salary offered worth any time for discussion? What's the average time for upgrade for experienced people? Since there is no clue in the relevant ad, pls give any useful info! Thanks

9th Apr 2001, 11:14
Have a look at page 2!

9th Apr 2001, 17:57
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Is the salary offered worth any time for discussion?</font>

People don't join BA for money alone. It is very hard to get an accurate idea of nett income at BA as it contains so many variables that depend on an individuals fleet, preferred roster style etc. Plenty of other threads here on the money topic.

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">What's the average time for upgrade for experienced people?</font>

Exactly the same as for an inexperienced pilot. Your friend will be at the bottom of a 3,500 long common seniority list when he joins and will have to work his way up. Approx 200-250 retirements per year with the Hamsters going in droves right now. Then expect a stagnant phase from 2005 as the young cadets clog up the top end of the pile for 20 years. Long haul commands around top third of the list.


9th Apr 2001, 20:17
As I have read the previous hundreds of posts on the BA pay thing, one nagging question keeps coming to mind.....

You guys at BA need to get your butts going and show management that you are united in your strength to bring home better pay. I understand you can do "wildcat" strikes over there to "fire a shot across the bow" of management in Europe.....why hasn't this been done by the BA guys????

WHERE IS YOUR BACKBONE? You will NEVER succeed unless you have the fortitude and strength in unity to fight for your rights!!