View Full Version : United's Avolar Unit to Use Mainline Pilots for Worldwide ACJ Operation

20th Nov 2001, 23:45
Looks like United Airbus pilots might have a reprieve and keep some of their jobs. Personally, I wouldn't mind flying an ACJ (corporate version of the A319) worldwide - nice wide cockpit on varied routes... This would be a good way to use "surplus" pilots.

The following is a quote from an article in AIN (called AIN ALERT):

"Avolar, the newly formed business aviation subsidiary of UAL Corp., has reached an agreement with Airbus to market and/or manage up to 15 ACJs under an Airbus Corporate Jet program operated separately from Avolar’s fractional ownership program being developed for smaller business jets. Terms also permit Avolar customers to individually or jointly purchase a whole aircraft. A spokesman emphasized that Avolar will market “but not own” the ACJs in the program. The ACJ executive twinjets will be crewed by mainline United Airlines pilots."