View Full Version : Any unemployed 737 pilots are there?

20th Nov 2001, 18:50
It seems the only way to get a job at the moment is to be 737 rated and knock on the door of the low cost operators.
How many are there left out there without a start date? When will the door re-open to us non type rated pilots with experience? :mad:

le loup garou
20th Nov 2001, 19:05

I am one of many still without a start date with a new airline. However I think that this is due to the length of time it takes to complete the recruitment processes.

The way Ryanair,Easy and GO are expanding I should imagine that you would pick up work at some time if you did have the rating.

There will be people who you meet that have objections to paying for your own type rating on moral grounds. These people should be ignored as they are not the ones who will be paying your bills.

Regards le loup garou

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