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10th Oct 2010, 18:25
Hello again,

getting the chance to be a synthetic flight instructor. What are the pros on it? What do you learn while instructing? You often fly less than before. is that not good. Do you get more experience by watching the students? What are your thoughts?



10th Oct 2010, 18:27
you'll surely learn from their mistakes! :}

10th Oct 2010, 19:44
You will have to take those things you now take for granted, and find the right words to explain the hows and whys.

And to demonstrate them while informing the student what to watch for, listen for, and feel.

You'll become more analytical, forming stronger cause-and-effect connections. As my dad said, that's when you really learn about flying. :ooh:

10th Oct 2010, 21:29
What do you learn while instructing?

You learn how much you absorbed from people who told you (your instructors) and whom you at that point believed, but which you cannot really explain.

You learn how to explain things which you took for granted.

You thereby learn how things really work, in so far as you can understand them.

You learn what things you do not really understand, and you learn how to cope with your lack of understanding.

You learn how to get along with people whom you would never otherwise choose to be your friends, via a common interest in flying.


capt. solipsist
11th Oct 2010, 00:43
The best way to learn is to teach.

Of course, some smartass also said: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." :}

11th Oct 2010, 04:44
You learn that it's not all theory that works


11th Oct 2010, 07:10
Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach

Lemma wisdom. In full -

Those who can, do ...
Those who can't do, teach ...
Those who can't teach, teach teachers ...

I reckon I can say that .. I can do some things, I have taught others, and I have taught teachers ...

Green Cactus
11th Oct 2010, 08:05
those who can't teach, regulate...

11th Oct 2010, 08:17
Beat me to it Green Cactus.

11th Oct 2010, 10:39
Those who can't do, teach. Those who teach, learn what they can't do. The rest writes notes on PPRuNe :)


11th Oct 2010, 13:50
Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach

And those who can't teach, manage.

(spoken to me by my manager...)

11th Oct 2010, 14:22
… you'll surely learn from their mistakes!
Yes, but teachers must also learn from their mistakes.
Teaching provides greater opportunity for learning – researching, preparation, understanding the student (human behaviour), understanding human interaction, how people learn, remember, recall, and apply knowledge, etc, etc.
To benefit from this process the teacher has to reflect on all of these aspects.

Who should teach? Everyone should be a teacher.
A Captain (senior team member) should instruct his crew, setting an example and providing explanation. A junior, can self instruct, looking, learning, and preparing their own 'lessons'; individuals should not overlook opportunities to ‘teach’ as a means of improving performance and experience.