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10th Oct 2010, 14:40
I was wondering if someone could tell me whether the DFDR fitted on a 737 can tell from which side i.e. capt or FO's was a brake pedal application given or does it just measure brake pedal application regardless whose given it, any info would be appreciated
Thank you!!

10th Oct 2010, 15:09
it depends on which model and which company fit and what options and lots of other things, but basically anything modern like the 737Ng will almost certainly record pedal position and force applied separately for the left and right set, somewhere (either the DFDR or the QAR.)

11th Oct 2010, 01:08
There's only one brake pressure tx and the pedals dont have position tx's either.
There are auto brake disconnect pressure switches but I am not certain they are monitored.
If so, they would only tell which set of pedals hit the skids during an autobraked landing to give you the 750 psi pedal pressure to kick off the auto brakes.