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6th Oct 2010, 09:47
Hi there,
I hope someone here is a bit more technical minded than I am. I am looking at recording some radio transmission from the audio panel of an aircraft. What is the power output of an headset out signal from an audio panel?

Is it safe to directly input that into a voice recorder without a resistor?

Many thanks in advance

6th Oct 2010, 11:03
Headset output will be a few milliwatts at low impedance and generally too high for a line input to a recorder.

It will need reducing with an attenuator like this:


Genghis the Engineer
6th Oct 2010, 11:06
Easy trick often used in flight testing - connect a tie-clip microphone to the recorder, then tuck that inside the ear seal of somebody's headset.

I've done this many times, and it works well.


6th Feb 2011, 17:00
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