View Full Version : Planning process begins for new Dublin runway

8th Apr 2001, 10:42
The Sunday Independent (Ireland) reports this morning that the planning process is to begin shortly for a 10,000' "super runway", as they call it, at Dublin, parallel to the current 28 (involving a re-alignment of the shorter 11/29).

Ryanair is objecting (two words rarely seen in the same sentence), claiming the airport doesn't need it. Well, Ryanair may not, but DUB does. Subject to planning (and the local councillors' objections and bombast have already begun), the construction should begin in 2003, presumably for completion by 2005.

Looks like Aer Rianta is finally trying to get its act together.

(Quick quiz: if it takes forever to clear an 8,650' runway of snow, how long will it take to clear a 10,000' runway? . . .)

8th Apr 2001, 13:08
They should never have closed 23/05.

Jet A1
8th Apr 2001, 13:18
And if it goes ahead I think its time for a free transfer for the DUB ATCers ! Wouldnt like to see the mess with parallel approaches !